Aastra 57i and Elastix issues (PLEASE HELP)

Discussion in 'IP Phones' started by nacheeze, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I am having two issues with my 30+ 57i phones in two locations. The first issue is that after a reboot on some phones, they auto login into the extension but I don't get all the features of Aastra XML. I am missing parking and even logout. The phone is connected, makes calls, but not all options appear. I have restarted the phone, done factory defaults but nothing. It just logs right back into the extension without all the menus.

    The second issues is more serious. I pick up the phone, make a call, but nothing happens, just dead air (silence). No ringing in the other side. This happens periodically, and then stops. It happy to some phones more than others and I can restart the phone or the server but it does not help. Sometime it goes away automatically, other times it I can have a whole day of trying to dial the number and I never get pass the dead air.

    Can anyone please help? I am not familiar with Linux so can't run tests, but If you give me directions, I can look up stuff.

    I have tried the aastra support but we have communications issues. They don't seem to understand the problem and two instances I have tried on the support chat, they left in the middle because they had to do a meeting.

    Thanks in advance.


    Full menus:

    Partial menus:
    http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/2186 ... lmenus.jpg
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    As far as your first issue is concerend. Log into two phone via the web browser (l: admin p: 22222). If you don't know the ip then go to Options > Phone Status > IP Address and you can see it there. Make sure one of the phone is working properly and one is with the old menus. I had this same problem and what I noticed is that even after restoring to factory default some of the phones I worked on earlier remember the old server ip, so what I would do is just make sure that the non-working phones look like the working phones in each menu on the phone's web interface.

    Hope that helps people reading.

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