A2billing with 1.6-12


Nov 28, 2009
Hi every one im a newbe to a2billing so for give if i sound dum in the way i am saying thing to do with a2billing as i am new to this all,

Now where do I star hmm first I let you know 1 or two thing to help you be for you reply to me (if) any one can help me that is?? i am running Elastix 1.6-12 on a hosted vps running centos 64 bit and all is working well, now in say that heres where I need the help.

when I installed Elastix 1.6-12 it came with a2billing 1.3 some thing and so I went to Elastix forum dose any one know how to do an upgread in a2billing and some one sent me a link that that showed me how to do it and it work but I updated the link with 1.7.1.

now after all was install i was so happy after spending 3 days at it as im not a coder and heat using putty im more a GUI user my self.

every time I try to add a user or up daite the sip.conf i keep getting this lot of messages...
for a new user it says Your new Card hasn't been inserted
and when i Reload Asterisk add sip.conf with the account it reloads but in Elastix it dose not add them

If you can help me fourm you make me a very happy man

PS if I need to use putty to fix this please tell me as if i am a blond bimbo as im not that great with using coding and putty

it driving mad and :silly:

I baging please help me

PS if any one is using a2billing 1.3 or be low and would like to know how to upgread it, as my way to say thanks to the forum user for all there on going help I have attach a . http://forum.elastix.org/old_files/a2billing.txt txt file with the steps I used to upgread a2billing to 1.7.1

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