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    Oct 22, 2009
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    Using a2billing 1.4.1 i would like to be able to charge different monthly line rental charges for different customers. Heres how i have set it up

    Under the recur services section i add new subscriptions for each line rental fee i wish to charge.
    Add the subscriptions i have created to the subcriptions signup section.
    Add the relevent account i wish to be charged line rental in the subscribers section.
    Enable run recurring service in the customer account to allow charging when the cronjob runs on a monthly basis.

    I set the cronjob to run today and i received an email report with the following:

    SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE NAME = UK Geographic Line Rental

    Total card updated = 5
    Total credit removed = 14.95

    At this point i thought i had it working but then when i check the cards that should have been updated there has been no change in the balance.
    The subscriptions section does show the correct transactions and credit but this is not been removed from the cards as i need it to.

    Any ideas where i have gone wrong in setting it up?

    Thanks Dan

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