1. Call Popup Issues Integrating with Zoho CRM

    Hello Elastix Community, Using Zoho CRM Plus, we are trying to integrate Zoho CRM with our Elastix phone system but stuck at these issues. Could you please help us investigate the logs and figure them out? 1. Incoming Calls: There is no incoming call popup. The steps what we did are: - Make a...
  2. Google Voice, Ooma & Elastix

    Hello! First of all, I'd like to thank you for reading about my problem and thank you! Here is my setup: I have 2 Ooma accounts with 2 Linx devices, providing a total of 4 pots lines. Ooma #1, Linx #1 grouped with 1 Phone Number without Call forwarding enabled Ooma #2, Linx #2 grouped with 1...
  3. 3CX Single Trunk Policy For Free Account - Inbound only?

    I am running the free 3CX PBX instance and only allowed one SIP trunk. Anyone knows if it is possible and how to configure this trunk for both inbound and outbound traffic - same provider? Thanks