1. how to use an extension with other outbound route

    hello, i have 10 extension on my elastix 2.4, and i configure two outbound route but i want to use one extension to route call through one of the outbound route configure Please how can i configure this? thanks
  2. Implement wrap-up via automatic pause

    Hello everyone, Would it be possible to implement wrap-up as automatic pausing of agents at the end of each call, and let agent to chose when his wrap-up is finished? It seems as though a few solutions out there have an option to have agents go to a "paused" state after finishing a queue call...
  3. Don't record outbound calls by trunks

    Good day!! One question, I have one server Elastix 2.5 and work the recording calls between internal extensions, but if the call pass for one trunk, the call not is recording. I revised and in the extension: Inbound External Calls ------ Always Outbound External Calls------ Always Inbound...