1. How to disable IVR?

    Hello! I want to disable IVR on my old elastix system, how I can do this? Just delete all the entries? Or i can disable some service on my server without deleting entries? Thanks!
  2. Ivr does not detect numbers

    hi, guys, I've got a problem with IVR. When somebody called from the PSTN the IVR does not detect the numbers. but when somebody called from a cellphone the IVR detects numbers. I played with dtmfmode when I changed to inband or rfc2833 the roll will change. I mean when it is rfc2833 it does...
  3. Queues Help

    Hello. I have this scenario. Two lines with two extension. One IVR with two languages. Time conditions. Now the call goes to IVR then to time conditions and last to ring group. I want to set up queues instead when one of the extensions is busy. I mean that when someone calls and one of the...
  4. redirect after IVR completion

    Hello, i would like to ask you about IVR changes. My elastix engine is 2.4 and i looking for possibility to change present end call after IVR listen, to forward call to PBX user (secretariat).
  5. IVR, unable to record the call

    Dear; I'm using IVR function. once the caller press a number it goes to the virtual extension, but it gives a beep sound and record the message for 10 second and terminate the call. The scenario, i'm working is, when user hear the announcement, caller has option to dial 1 and 2. once press 1...