1. error in adding extension using mysql

    we have inserted our users , devices and sip data in db and changed sip.conf and extensions.conf files for this extension. so we can call using added extension but the problem is : this extension doesn't receive incoming calls ! is there any other data should be inserted somewhere or...
  2. Asad Khan

    Missing leading 0 for incoming external calls

    Dear Friends, I am a bit new to Elastix(Asterisk). We have a sip trunk form pstn service provider. Any external incoming calls from mobile or landline is displaying CID (number) without leading 0, for example instead of "0592094468" its coming "592094468". So redial is not possible then. How...
  3. Incoming issue for a few Extensions

    Intermittently a few extension won't accept an inbound call. outbound still works. the automated message when dialing one of these extension is "The person at this extension, XXX, is unavailable. Please leave a message" I also noticed that when the problem happens the extensions are tan in the...
  4. how to use an extension with other outbound route

    hello, i have 10 extension on my elastix 2.4, and i configure two outbound route but i want to use one extension to route call through one of the outbound route configure Please how can i configure this? thanks