caller id

  1. How to set caller ID for inbound calls?

    Hi, I want to configure elastix to when an inbound call received by elastix from outside, elastix redirect the call to an external mobile phone number. How can I do that? Please guide me step by step. Thanks a lot
  2. Asad Khan

    Missing leading 0 for incoming external calls

    Dear Friends, I am a bit new to Elastix(Asterisk). We have a sip trunk form pstn service provider. Any external incoming calls from mobile or landline is displaying CID (number) without leading 0, for example instead of "0592094468" its coming "592094468". So redial is not possible then. How...
  3. Incoming CallerID from SIP-Trunk on Elstaix 4 / PAI

    Hi there, I hope to find help here for a problem i can't handle. We use a SIP-Trunk with Elastix 4, the provider submits to numbers from the calling party: the net-number in the "from"-Field and the masked number in the p-asserted-identity filed. Incoming calls will show the net-number in the...
  4. Caller ID Inbound

    On my phones, when someone is calling into the office, all that is displayed is the caller number. Is there a way to show also the caller's name? Stephen Keating