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  1. Elastix-3.0 stable version in Chinese released!

    Hello: we released Elastix-3.0 stable version in chinese. Anyone needs that, please let me know. download from : admin please tells me how to upload into the source for elastix-devel code.
  2. Elastix-3.0 chinese version will release soon!

    hello, all of users: the elastix-3.0 chinese version will release soon. we translated 90% words in chinese.
  3. 2.5 can not download

    the languages selection is broken. :o
  4. 2.5 can not download

    thanks, it can download now. But the packages are all with version-2.4.XXX
  5. FXO openvox & sangoma E1 together

    hello: what is the problem? I think you have to something manually, please check from:
  6. Additional A400 does not recognize lines or trunks

    hello: if you add more modules, you have to reconfi that again and make sure under CLI, there are new channels to be added. you also to make sure the trunk will use the new module FXO to make outgoing calls.
  7. 2.5 can not download

    hello: I can not download elastix-2.5 by the link from main page. please give a right page.
  8. SANGOMA USBFXO U100: Cannot make an Outbound call

    hello: Are you sure with this : Called DAHDI/g0/07527187334 ? please try without the prefix 0, just dial 7527XXXXXX.
  9. Release FreePBX Ebook in Chinese!

    hello, all members: i released FreePBX Ebook in chinese. please refer this: ... 9-18-57-49
  10. Elastix-2.4 stable in chinese released!

    hello: Elastix-2.4 stable in chinese released! please refer this: ... elastix-cn
  11. Atcom AX-4S 4 ISDN card detection problem

    you have to patch the driver to support the card.
  12. A200 Board with 4 fxo ports.

    no, only 4 calls.
  13. W400 Problem on Elastix 2.3.0

    hello: as i know, you have to manually patch asterisk and install GSM module for GSM card.
  14. Sangoma W400 not detected

    hello: can you check and install by: 1) run: lspci -vvvv // should show chipset info, if not, please reinstall that 2) run: setup-sangoma
  15. Elastix-2.3 in Chinese is released

    hello: VOIP88 and histar release chinese po and mo files for elastix-2.3. we will submitted to the elastix community very soon. the link is here:
  16. Sangoma A101 card issue

    hello: please make sure the pri spans is up and actived.
  17. Problem with sangoma a200 remora

    what is the result of the command: dahdi show channels? the system should show what you config from script.
  18. Elastix with Openvox FD40

    yes, it is possible. please do not RUN the command: make samples
  19. test of a102

    you can create loop back connection port1 as CPE, port 2 as NET, then make calls from port 1 to port 2.
  20. PRI card that works with Elastix 2.0.3

    hi: yes, just install elastix and run command: setup-sangoma to install that.