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  1. moh mp3 stopped working

    Hi, After upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4 moh mp3 stopped working. Default category (wav) works but all the mp3 categories not working. Any clue anyone? -- Executing [600@from-internal:1] Macro("SIP/200-00000000", "user-callerid...
  2. Siptosis Skype gateway

    Hello friends, Has anyone successfully integrate SiptoSis skype gateway with elastix?
  3. mISDN hardware detection

    Hello my friends, as i already said before i think that mISDN commands like mISDN scan and mISDN config must implemented in the hardware detection tool. Also the oslec echo canceler must be compiled with mISDN. RegardsB) ;)
  4. Company directory,phonebook

    First of all, many thanks to the elastix developers and contributors. I think you are in the right path. I think elastix must have 2 very handy features. 1.Company directory web interface. This is for 50-100> installations. Also it must support groups like
  5. Directed pickup?

    Has anyone solve the problem with directed pickup? app-pickup-custom] exten => _**.,3,Pickup(${EXTEN:2}@from-did-direct) this solves the problem partial, meaning that you can use **+ext to pickup a ringing extension, but if the incoming call goes to a ring group **+ext fails. Feedback...
  6. Delete buttons

    Hello all, The interface of elastix is great. In my opinion you must add delete buttons to the following: 1.Voicemails 2.Monitoring (added in 0.9.1) 3.Fax visor One other thing is that when is install a PBX to a company, all the Directors ask me to have the ability to see from the admin...
  7. Tranfer problem on analog phones

    This is going to drive me crazy. The problem is that when I make an outbound call from an analog phone I cannot transfer the call with # or ##. If I call an extension then I successfully transfer the call to another extension. From ip phone (GXP-2000) I can make a blind transfer with trnf...
  8. Raid 1 information

    I recently built a system with an HP ML115 Opteron dual core 64 and raid 1 (nvidia controller). The system works great with elastix 0.9. I have noticed that in the system info the hard drives shows nothing. If I take off one of the hard drives then it shows correctly the information
  9. fxotune is missing?

    I have noticed that the load of fxotune in /etc/rc.d/rc.local gives an error while is loading. At the moment I disable the fxotune from load but I don
  10. Hardware Detection

    Very nice work in this version. The hardware detection tool and the echo cancelation from the web interface is great. You can also make a tool for misdn hardware detection because there is a lot of people who use misdn. Once again, great job!!