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  1. haamed new site about Elastix...

    Hi all, You can find new website about ELastix PBX, It's name is We Release new kind of ELastix's ISO on it, something like: - ELastix Mini = Elastix + Webmin + 5 Colorfull themes + custom menu - Elastix CallCenter = Elastix + Webmin + 5 Colorfull themes + CallCenter...
  2. haamed

    Play Agent Number befor Conection

    Hi, I want to play Agent Number to caller before connect caller to Agent. who can help me?
  3. haamed

    How install callcenter from Linux command prompt?

    Hi all, How can i install Callcenter module from linux command prompt?
  4. haamed

    Get call from trunk and sent it to another trunk ?

    Hi all. i have sangoma a102 (2 port pri link) this is my scenario: pri 1 is connected to telecom and it is working. pri 2 is connect to another pbx and it is working (i can sent call and get call). now i want the anothe pbx can call out from pri1 (telecom). when old pbx send me the call...
  5. haamed

    Disconnect calls after about 10-15 min

    Hi all. my calls on Elastix 1.6 & a2billing 1.7 disconnected after about 10-15 minutes. i install the same applications on another server with another provider ! but i have the same problem.. can i know what is the disconnect reason? where should i check it? thanks a lot
  6. haamed

    Installing HUDLite on Elastix by this sh File

    Hi Elastix Lovers,:kiss: I made a Script to install HUDLite on Elastix 1.6.x to make it easier for newbies users. For install HUD on Elastix'Server just run this .sh File and seat back ! Note: Don't forget, Your Server Must have access to the internet. wget...
  7. haamed

    How to use ATCOM ax 1600p with Elastix 1.6 ?!

    Who knows ! I have Elastix 1.6 and Atcom 1600p and after installing the card.. nothing shown in hardware detection, The ATCOM said that the Elastix 1.6 will support ax1600 !! but it cant detect the card !.. who can help me? Thanks in advanced
  8. haamed

    A very simple PHPAGI example

    You should make and place PHP file in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/testphp.php directory. Don't forget to grant execution rights to your script 1. #!/usr/bin/php -q 2. <? 3. set_time_limit(30); 4. require('include/phpagi.php'); 5. error_reporting(E_ALL); 6. 7. $agi = new AGI(); 8. 9...
  9. haamed

    How to send fax in Java prog via astrsik & hylafax

    Hi my friends, I want to share my experience in sending fax via asterisk & Hylafax, you can use this tutorial on AsteriskNow, ELastix, Trixbox and ... any java programs at first you should know GNU-hylafax package, The GNU-HylaFAX package is a pure Java API designed to implement the...
  10. haamed

    Asterisk PHP Peer Status

    Asterisk PHP Peer Status, so I decided it might be something useful to provide to you :) Basically what the script does is connect to Asterisk via the Manager, log in, check the status of a peer, and then runs some code based on the result. The example makes a phone call to a number and...
  11. haamed

    Some problem on sending fax - visior

    Hi, i tried it many times, when i send fax (with defrent programs and with different .ext), and when the row created in fax visior, there is tow problem: 1) the file field is empty ! when i go to the folder on the linux i see that the file.pdf is exist but it is empty ! and white ! 2) the...
  12. haamed

    Make CDR descending order in ELastix's UI

    Hi every body, I don't know why ! but the order of showing CDR in CDR Madule is ASC, if you want to change it to descending order you could do this: edit this file: /var/www/html/libs/paloSantoCDR.class.php (you can use WinSCP for easy editing) and add this statement between line 91 and 92...
  13. haamed

    Introducing Asterisk's Files: #1: cdr.conf

    From now, I will put some introducing posts about Asterisk's Configuration files, I hope it will useful for Elastix's community: cdr.conf The cdr.conf file is used to enable call detail record logging to a file or a database. Storing call records is useful for all sorts of reporting...
  14. haamed

    Send PDF Problem

    Hi Guys, I installed Elastix 1.3.2 (with out installing Anavtfax), I can send fax in TIFF formatted with out any problem, but when i try to send fax in PDF, the hylafax cant create a job, It said "Warning:an Error Occurred" I installed Elastix 2 times, How should i do?:( Thanks in...
  15. haamed

    Email to Fax

    Hi Guys, is there any body knows about email to fax on hylafax ?
  16. haamed

    How to install AvantFax with out Internet

    Hi every body, I cant prepare internet for my box, How can i install avantfax? is there any full package for install?.. Thanks in advanced
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    CentOS behind Proxy

    Hi guys, Who has experience of using CentOS behind the proxy? I want to use YUM update, I change yum.conf to use proxy but i did'nt succeed, Thanks for you helps,
  18. haamed

    Asterisk Programming ("How to Start")

    Hi Elastix's Lovers, We are proud to say that the Elastix's Site is the first place that has special forum about asterisk programming. At the first we should choose a programming language !, by define you can make your program with any language that can compile and running. to use asterisk...
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    Hi all my friends, I'm so pleased for establishing such a useful section in this forum . Such a this topic is infrequent in the forums which discuss about VoIP and asterisk. I hope we could share our experiences in this field with each other and establish a professional section with the help...
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    Chnage Voicemail file's name

    Hi Every Body, I need to save voice mails in my own name, for example save voice mails with "23234" name instead of msg000x. do you know how can i change the default file name? can i set the name for new voice mail in DialPlan? (exten = FooBar,3,VoiceMail(FooBar@default) ) can i set...