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  1. IVR Breaks SIP trunks

    after the call was hangup on the caller and hearing "your call cannot go thru. pls try again 130T", a few seconds you can see on the logs that the call is answered by asterisk. the call was answered by asterisk after the actual call drops on the caller. looks like asterisk is not...
  2. IVR Breaks SIP trunks

    jgutierez, Thanks for the reply. when dialing my freedigits #. am getting "your call cannot go thru. pls try again 130T" it looks like my calls were drop before going to IVR after few seconds am getting cli logs: -- Remote UNIX connection -- Remote UNIX connection disconnected...
  3. IVR Breaks SIP trunks

    Hi, I had the same problem. am getting error 130T for incoming calls using FREEDIGITS. my outgoing calls is working okay. "sip shows peers" shows Freedigits is OK. any fix? Thanks
  4. chan_mobile help for install

    I followed all tutorials posted here. I can pair bluetooth phone but am getting "bluetoth device diconnected, reason (104)" any help please :(
  5. SIP Phone doesn't register

    rm sip/iax/extentions.conf worked on my server A. Did same steps to server B but now am getting "registration error: 408 Request Timeout" error using Xlite. Any Help please?