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  1. pucky900

    Problems with multiple lines on 330 & 601

    Starting having some same problems with my Polycom 330 & 601 phones that I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out. The 330 have 2 lines and the 601 has 6. The problem I'm having is that when someone is on the phone on line 1, it will not kick over to line 2. I get a message saying the...
  2. pucky900

    Hung up on "Checking Application"

    I was trying to update/upgrade the bootROM for my Polycom 330 using End Point Configuration Manager (Install Firmware). Was using version 3.1.3 which was a legacy from Trixbox. Installed the firmware, updated.... restarted my phones and now it seems to get hung up on "Checking Application". I do...
  3. pucky900

    Officially retiring my Trixbox CE

    After having the ARI in TB break... fixing it... then having break again along with a whole host of other problems, finally decided to make a concerted effort to get an Elastix system up. After spending about 2 weeks making sure everything is correct along with understanding the new features of...
  4. pucky900

    Bulk upload of Blacklist Numbers

    I'm currently trying to migrate from Trixbox CE to Elastix and trying to find an easy to move my blacklist of numbers to a new system without having to enter each one. I've dug into the Asterisk DB but never have found it's location. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. pucky900

    Voice delay with transfered calls

    I'm relatively new to the Elastix community launching my first live box last night. All was pretty smooth but did notice one oddity and wondering if anyone else has experienced this. We are fully SIP VoIP using a combination of Polycom & Aastra phones. When ever we get a call into our main line...
  6. pucky900

    Editing conf files and end point configs

    I'm new to the Elastix community coming over from Trixbox that I've been using for about 2 yrs now. Was starting to get frustrated trying to update/installing. There are a couple of thing I was trying to find out that I'm familiar with on Trixbox. Is there something in Elastrix that is...