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  1. JohnyBeGood

    How to call sip uri using Elastix?

    Hello, I've been trying to find anything online including this forum how to call sip uri ie. Self hosted v2.5 TIA
  2. JohnyBeGood

    Someone is trying to call using my Elastix?

    Hi all, Just logged looked in CLI and noticed constant retries of someone trying to call out. I don not have ext. 1000 on my Elastix. Masked red is my public IP. Can someone point me in right direction how to disable this? TIA
  3. JohnyBeGood

    Force trunk re-register?

    Hi all, I have frequent power outages and every time internet comes back I have to reboot my machine in order for trunk to re-register otherwise it just sits on Request Sent sip reload and reload do not help. All UDP port have been opened. How do I force to re-register every x of minutes...
  4. JohnyBeGood

    Need help with adding custom Asterisk context

    Hi all, Can someone help me setup this on Elastix 2.4.0 ? Tried searching but couldn't come up with anything that works.
  5. JohnyBeGood

    How to get rid of this random incoming call tries

    Hi all, I have "Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls?" NO But I keep getting these tries How can I block it?
  6. JohnyBeGood and inbound call issue

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me with this incoming issue. I'm running Elastix v2.3.0 with FreePBX v2.8.1 My trunk setting is this: srvlookup=yes qualify=no port=5060 disallow=all context=error bindaddr= allow=alaw&ulaw My trunk register setting is...
  7. JohnyBeGood

    Tutorial: HowTo install Elastix v2.3.0 from USB

    Hi all, Just wanted to give back to the community so I decided to create this video tutorial on howto install Elastix v2.3.0 from USB stick on computer with no CD ROM. This is no by any means something new its just video created based on many howto's found across the web. Here it is...
  8. JohnyBeGood

    Install v2.3.0 from USB stick?

    Hi all, Forgive me if its been asked before but this forum search is not the greatest. I have Acer AspireRevo AR1600 ... 6883103228 and it does not have CD rom. Is it possible to install from USB stick? TIA!
  9. JohnyBeGood

    Cron Job to restart Asterisk?

    Hi all, I'm having issues where my Elastix v2.2.0 does not take any incoming calls and I have to do reboot of the system. I've tried using Asterisk "reload" command and it was able to receive calls again. Closest what I came in Cron Jobs is restarting Asterisk by this command in Webmin...
  10. JohnyBeGood

    How to record SIP conversation

    Hi all, I know how extension can be recorded but I can't find a way to record SIP conversation. Is this even possible? Thanks!
  11. JohnyBeGood

    Send outgoing call to certain trunk?

    Hi, I tried searching here but could not find an answer. I know its easy but I can't figure it out my self. When calling certain number ie. 321-123-1234 I want it to be send thru certain trunk. My outbound route has this dial pattern NXXNXXXXXX I know outbound route and trunk need to match...
  12. JohnyBeGood

    DTMF tone issue with new v1.6

    Hi, I never had issues with prev. versions of Elastix and I never had to tweak anything in regards to DTMF. But when I setup incoming call to go to DISA and when I enter PIN code in CLI I can see nothings is being received on Elastix box end. All I get is: -- <SIP/66.54.140.XX-09184e88>...
  13. JohnyBeGood

    Help with Callback

    Hi, I'm going on vacation and would like to be able to my call home number (Elastix) from outside country and after getting busy signal Callback will call me back. The issue is that call comes in this format 38133123456 and I'm calling outside like this 01138133123456 Any ideas/tips...
  14. JohnyBeGood

    Help me troubleshoot incoming call issue

    Hi, Just signed up with and followed guide on setting up trunk and incoming route: Trunk name: sipgate type=peer username=ACCTNO fromuser=ACCTNO secret=ACCTPW context=from-trunk
  15. JohnyBeGood

    Asterisk Learns to Fax

    Just saw this news so I thought I would share it. ... =804-00007 Is Elastix ahead of game with its built in fax feature? please elaborate.
  16. JohnyBeGood

    Adjusting volume on SIP trunks?

    Hello, I was waiting for stable version of Elastix because I thought there was something wrong with previous version. Even on v1.5 stable on all SIP calls During a call the person at the other end says my voice is very quiet and I have to speak quite loudly for them to be able to hear me...
  17. JohnyBeGood

    Clicking on "Submit" DOES NOT save changes (v1.5)

    Hi all! I never had this problem in any of other older versions. Fresh install (v1.5 stable). I've created 2 extensions 100 and 200. When I try to call 100 or vice versa call goes to voicemail, if change in follow me "Destination if no answer:" to ie. "Phonebook Directory:" then instead of...
  18. JohnyBeGood

    Need some tips to figure out why calls are cutting

    Hi all, I'm looking for some tips to help me narrow down my issue. The problem is when talking to someone, randomly it starts to cut out for like 1 second at random times. Other person on the line is experiencing same issue. Let me add that person who I was talking has Verizon Landline...
  19. JohnyBeGood

    Need help setting up trunk with new provider

    Hi, So I got DID (inbound only) and I tried to follow their guide I think I've entered everythig right up to the point on the very bottom where it says "Please, make sure you have defined extensions within a context [from-didww] in extensions.conf," I'm not sure where to...
  20. JohnyBeGood

    Calling directly cell phone number from IVR menu?

    Hi, How can I call cell # directly within IVR? I've tried setting up follow me with no luck, it seems like extension needs to be registered. Thanks!