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  1. Elastix with BT Feature line

    Does anybody have any experience of this? How does the line come into the building eg is it using 3 pair? so if you had a TDM400, I take it a feature line would use 3 ports? Is there any special config for this also? Any pointers would be appreciated. Louis
  2. UK - euro isdn - caller id / clip

    anybody got isdn caller id or clip working? i'm running an eicon diva 4bri and have clip enabled on the line but can't get incoming numbers presented to our aastra handsets or elastix. callingpres=yes is in my global capi.conf cheers louis
  3. is it possible to have trunks per user/group?

    is it possible to have trunk preferences by user/group? for instance: 2 x companies in 1 building who need to communicate but want isdn1 (in & out) is routed to company 1 (phones 1-20) isdn2 (in & out) is routed to company 2 (phones 21-40) i would imagine the above is implemented with...
  4. vlans? loss of functionality?

    i want to vlan my voice from the data network. we have managed switches in place and 4 vlans in place already. obviously, if we seperate the phones side from the data, we will lose some functionality from elastix ie web frontend for users eg fax visor, call logs, agenda etc is there anyway...
  5. destination = s

    hi, in my call reports, for dahdi incoming connections only, i have: destination = s for some incoming calls. anybody know what this means? thanks louis
  6. Fax issues

    Hi, anybody had issues with faxing? specifically: Fax receive not successful - result (14) TIFF/F file cannot be opened.
  7. dahdi not dropping connection after call

    Hi, we have a digium tdm400 with 2 x fxo (one for fax & other for gsm gateway) the fax is virtual (iax2 extension) and works great apart from 50% of time when fax has finished, dahdi doesn't drop the connection. any ideas? louis
  8. elastix restore from backup

    hi, i use mondo to backup my elastix server and use the elastix backup feature thereafter. now, i think i'm going to have to do a fresh install on elastix but don't want to restore everything from the previous backup as there is obviously something broken. what sort of granularity does...
  9. dahdi & zaptel issues?

    hi, i had a zap trunk setup and working fine for incoming faxes with the context set as "context=from-zaptel" this worked fine and faxes worked great. i have since done a yum update from 1.3.2 to 1.5.2 and i understand that dahdi in use. now, i can't receive any faxes and it appears that the...
  10. eicon diva supported

    any chance of getting these cards supported like the tdm's etc? possibly in trunks also rather than create a custom trunk?
  11. eicon diva install?

    Hi, we've got an old trixbox 1.2.1 running well for the last couple of years. it has a tdm400 analogue card and a eicon diva server bri card. when i first installed it, i rember having a nightmare of a job getting the eicon card to run which ended up being a problem with root owning capi20...
  12. clustered sip servers dns lookup issue

    Hi, i've been running elastix 1.3 for a while now and it's a truly remarkable product. absolutely brilliant with 20 users on an old p4 2ghz with 1gb ram. we are in uk and use: 2 x analogue (for failover to only) 4 x plusnet voip (for local & national free calls) 2 x sipgate voip (for 08 &...
  13. help with outbound routing?

    hi, we have a small company 20 office users which are vpn'd up to 45 sites. we are using elastix with aastra 57i's in the office. we have 2 x analogue + 7 (5+2) voip lines going out. outgoing routing in order is: local + national landlines = voip 1-5 , voip 6-7, analogues mobiles +...