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  1. Mirko87

    Elastix Security

    Security is an hot topic in a VoIP environment, so that, I think that would be a great idea to share the knowledge between us. I kwow that it is a huge topic, and this thread shoud grow up dramaticaly for the average of a discussion, but in my opinion this is a goal that all the community want...
  2. Mirko87

    What kind of router is the best for me?

    Hi, Elastix's folk... I'm looking to change an offce router, and I need some good specs, so that I'm here to ask you an advice, "What is the best router for my requirements?" My Needs are: * A good router where I can set up the port forwarding as in the example: Public_Address ...
  3. Mirko87

    Asterisk service problems

    Hi people of Elastix, this morning my PBX wasn't unable to start, because of a problem with the directory /var/log/asterisk... In fact, this directory seemed to be deleted and the Asterisk service didn't start up. This is the error --> Unable to connect to remote asterisk (does...
  4. Mirko87

    [Solved] - FreePBX error after backup restore

    Good evening to you all... This morning I've changed my Elastix Server HD, because yesterday the old one has crashed. I've reinstalled the 1.5.2 version of the System, and with my back-up I've restored the situation in a flash. But there is a problem... If I open Free PBX I get this error...
  5. Mirko87

    DTMF don't work after update to Asterisk 1.4.28

    Hi people, yesterday afternoon, I've updated my PBX (Elastix 1.5.2) and the Asterisk version is now the 1.4.28. After that I've notice a little problem, that is, the dtmf tones have stopped working. Is it possible to return at the previous status, before the "yum update"? Best regards...
  6. Mirko87

    BV Speech Codec

    Hi guys, I've just readed an old article (it was posted on November 2009) on VoIP Today, that talks about a new open source codec with HD quality. It comes from Broadcom and it is the BV codec. In the article there are some interesting stats about the algorithm efficiency and it is compared...
  7. Mirko87

    IAX Cordless

    I'm looking for a Cordless that supports IAX2 Protocol... But I'm lost.. :) Here from my seller, I've only found the Allnet 7960... And it isn't cordless... If someone knows something about this argument, plase, give me an advice... Regards, Mirko
  8. Mirko87

    Change Extension Ring Time from Day to Night

    Hi, all... Is it possible to change the Ring Time of My Extensions from Day to Night? Because, I need to get 25 seconds of ring tone during the day, and only 5 seconds during the night (after five seconds there will be the voicemail...)... I'm going crazy in thinking this solution...
  9. Mirko87

    Call From a strange extension

    Hi all, this mornig when I arrived here in office, I get a look at the logs, and I saw the Image I have attached... You can see that at the 3.22 am, I have received a call from "Me" Extension... but this extension isn't in my PBX, and I've just checked the IP source and I see that It came from...
  10. Mirko87

    Remote Extensions Protocol Question

    Hi guys, this is my situation, I've got an Elastix PBX in an Office, and I need to create 2 more extensions in another office, this second office is in the near town... So that, I need to create 2 remote extensions, the new office's router will have dynamic IP, but it isn't a prblem, I'll use...
  11. Mirko87

    Inbound Strategy Doubt

    Hi all, In the past I used Queues in my PBX, but now I need to change the strategy... Well...I need to Set the Inbound Route Destination to my Extension, and only if I'm on the phone, the call must be redirected in the Queue. Is it possible? Because, I tryed with the Follow Me, but it...
  12. Mirko87

    [Elastix 1.5.2] - OpenVox B100P How To

    Hi, yesterday I've tried to Install an OpenVox B100P on my Test Server at my Boss's Home. This is my first card installation and I'm so newby about ISDN. After I have done a lot of confusion, next as soon as possible I'll try again to make it work. My first questions are: 1- What is your...
  13. Mirko87

    Reboot to Make DynDND Works

    Hi to all guys... I've just set up an account DynDNS for my IP-Public Dynamic Address... So that I have set this line in sip_nat.conf: externhost=my.dyndns.xx But when I reboot the router, My Incoming Calls works about 15 seconds and break up. So that I reboot the PBX too and all...
  14. Mirko87

    [Elastix 1.5] - Incoming Calls Problem

    Hi, This morning I have installed The Stable Version 1.5 32 bit. It's so good... Outcomig calls works good and the quality is better than ever... But, Incoming calls doesn't works... If the destination in the "Incoming Calls Section" is the directly VoiceMail, all works fine. But if...
  15. Mirko87

    Siemens C470IP & C47IP

    Hi... In my office configuration, I have one 470IP, but this mornig I've added a 47IP on the same base of the original 470IP. So that, my new Elastix Configuration is: - Siemens C470IP --> Extension 101 - Siemens C47IP --> Extension 102 When I do sip show peers, the PBX shows to me...
  16. Mirko87

    Elastix 1.5 - Problems with Repo and Ping

    Hi Forum... I've just installed the lastest version on a PC... I'done all... It's connected to the LAN (Pings fine the router and But id doesn't ping, (with this one it says "packet filtering")... So that I tried "yum install nano", and this is the result...
  17. Mirko87

    Chose the Outbound Trunk from the Extension

    Hi guys, Finally, I'm back to work on Elastix after a month of PHP full immersion :) . Ok... My question is the follow: Is possible to choose the Trunk for the Outbound route in base of the Extension that made the call? For example: If I call with the "11" internal number, I'll go...
  18. Mirko87

    [a2Billing] - What is? and How to use?

    Hi to everyone... During the last few days I were very very busy in a developing of a web site, and so that I'm not present so much in the forum. By the way... My newbie's question is: what are the functionality of a2Billing? It is a billing program running on the server... but it is...
  19. Mirko87

    A strange Incoming Call

    Hi... before, this afternoon, I've got an incoming call from a strange number. After this, I've looked into the Statistics, and I've found this line: Like you can see, the Src. Channel is my IP Address.... Why this problem? Mirko
  20. Mirko87

    How to control the Bandwidth Usage

    Hi to everyone... After talking about what codec is the best, last week, now I'm thinking... How can I control the traffic on my ADSL Line? I don't know if there is a program or something else that allow me to watch the state of my connection... Do you know something? Mirko