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  1. ?menu=pbxconfig en blanco

    I don`t know spanish but you update the linux server you have to install pear db. pear install db Gabe
  2. Cant get the Call center to see my queues

    Did u upgrade FreePBX ? If you update to 2.4 this module is not going to work. Gabe
  3. Elastix 1.1-7 and call center module 1.1.1 error

    Here is what I get if I try to click on outgoing calls or ingoing calls menus. I can`t see Queues or to create Queues. I use Elastix 1.1-7 and call center module 1.1.1. Query Error SELECT distinct(, CONCAT(,' ',extensions.descr) FROM queues, extensions WHERE...
  4. Yupee!! Got everything (almost) to work

    Can you send me the code at ? Thank you!! Gabe
  5. Address Book

    I really love the calendar, i was asking about this long time ago :) now about Address Book I will love to have global Address Book and personal Address Book. When you create a new contact to have the option to save it in the global with can be see by all the users and personal which can be see...
  6. Sata Raid

    You have to be more specific, you are trying to use software raid witch linux provide or you are trying to use the motherboard raid ? If you are using the motherboard you have to type "linux sata-raid" if you are trying to use linux software raid you type " advanced " hope that help Gabe
  7. r4fxo-ec callerid problem

    I have some problems with callerid. I use rhino r4fxo-ec outbound callerid works but inbound is not working. here is my zapata.conf maybe I mist something: [trunkgroups] [channels] context=default callerid=asreceived sendcalleridafter=2 usecallerid=yes hidecallerid=no callwaiting=yes...
  8. Polycom 501

    Thank you so much now works :) Gabe
  9. High-Availability cluster with Heartbeat/DRBD

    Go to /etc/rc.d/ and you'll notice rcX.d folders. The X in those directory names represent runlevels. Go to the runlevel you want to edit and you'll notice a whole bunch of files in the format SXXservice and KXXservice. The S files represent startup files and the K files represent the kill...
  10. Polycom 501

    the extension range is 1000-1100 and conference rooms 4000-4010 plus ring groups are from 600-610 To dial out I need to dial 91 follow by the number this is required by my provider so outbound in freepbx I add XXXXXXXXXXXX and I erase everything that was on the Digitmap on the phone...
  11. Polycom 501

    Ok guys polycom 501 good quality but ... come on is so much pain :) if you have to dial 91 number is not working so you have to change the dial plan on the phone. After you dial number you have to hit send to place the call. Anyone know how to avoid that? Gabe
  12. High-Availability cluster with Heartbeat/DRBD

    Ok let me come out with a script thats going to check drbd service if thats is started then start httpd mysql etc Gabe
  13. High-Availability cluster with Heartbeat/DRBD

    grate job. I will show you how to built point to point vpn between location and how to create IAX trunks between sites over the vpn :) I don`t have time to create howto stuff but you are better then me on this :)) I use yahoo messengers and my ID is gabriel25ny so fell free to add me as a friend...
  14. High-Availability cluster with Heartbeat/DRBD

    Ok guys I can see elastix admins don`t care about us anymore :)) I create the files that you need but I don`t have where to upload. If anyone need it can email me at Gabe
  15. High-Availability cluster with Heartbeat/DRBD

    Ok guys I can see elastix admins don`t care about us anymore :)) I create the files that you need but I don`t have where to upload. If anyone need it can email me at Gabe
  16. Polycom 501

    Thank you for replay. I fix the problem by download all the files and configure vsftp :) ohh long days :)) Thank you Gabe
  17. Polycom 501

    I tried everything to make this phone working with no luck. I tried tftp, vsftp, still no luck :(( can someone help me out? on the menu phone I did something now I can ivn have local config file. Is looking for a tftp server after 5 min is telling me can not access the boot server. Can someone...
  18. AVANTFAX is a MUST!!!!

    ramoncio tnx buddy :) can you send me an email at with your private email. I want to work with you in some stuff :) I tried to create a fax on elastix but I got error Validation Error The following fields contain errors: Secret (IAX), ohh well. I am not a fax...
  19. High-Availability cluster with Heartbeat/DRBD

    I will share with you guys :)) I want to build some howto stuff. Now I am really busy at work and also my girlfriend needs some attention. I have in mind to build few scenarios. 1. High-Availability cluster with Heartbeat/DRBD 2. Perfect PBX, file server with samba, vpn server, backup...
  20. Polycom 501

    I have a problem. I can not get Polycom 501 phone to take config file from tftp server. also I have no log to look. :(( I change under /etc/xinetd.d/tftp server_args = --logfile /var/log/atftpd.log -s /tftpboot The phone is not trying to get config files. I have under /tftpboot...