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  1. Gwayne

    Implementing VLANs...

    I have the same version here and that works fine odd.
  2. Gwayne

    Implementing VLANs...

    Version of elastix ? Because it seems that the module is not loaded to start.
  3. Gwayne

    Implementing VLANs...

    You can only do that by creating a vlan config in the network directory /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ create there a ifcfg-vlan10 file With contents.. LAN=yes VLAN_NAME_TYPE=VLAN_PLUS_VID_NO_PAD DEVICE=vlan10 PHYSDEV=eth0 BOOTPROTO=none ONBOOT=yes TYPE=Ethernet...
  4. Gwayne

    Gwayne's VLAN on Elastix Hack

    I am also looking in to it :) Also doing a nmap netscan is actually useless when you read out the dhcp logs. If you use vlan with dhcp all phones will announce themselves because they need a ip. And only phones are in the vlan still we have the mac address of several phonetypes so we...
  5. Gwayne

    Implementing VLANs...

    Executing a script and add the routes ?
  6. Gwayne

    Gwayne's VLAN on Elastix Hack

    Implementation of Vlan on Elastix This is a hack! until its really implemented in Elastix. For me the idea of phones on a regular network is not something I like.. They are accessible for the users and everything is insecure. Also it makes it easier to manage the network and last not least it...
  7. Gwayne

    Endpoint configuration

    My problem is more that I want the configuration of my vlan in my configs and not that of eth0 :)
  8. Gwayne

    ELX-3000 Reviews & Suggestions

    Marketing still has to contact me though ;) Also we need native vlan support.
  9. Gwayne

    Who are you and where do you came from?

    Ok, I am Mike Veltman, married, 43 years old, Dutch national but living in Singapore (near Malaysia) Working as a consultant with Linux in its many different reincarnations for 15 years now. Forced to do asterisk because I work for a company that does Asterisk implementations, and I have to...
  10. Gwayne

    how to install samba?

    The yum repo config files are wrong. When enable the base it works. This one also works, had not time to do discover the differences. [base] name=CentOS-$releasever - Base mirrorlist=$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=os...
  11. Gwayne

    retrieve_conf failed, config not applied AGAIN

    I had that before... It could not read the agi files. They where still owned by root.
  12. Gwayne

    I'm willing to make the SPA901 provisioning profil

    Well I need it, so hurry up :) But I wondered if someone did have configs already.
  13. Gwayne

    Phone still ringing after I hang up

    Mmmmm, you did enable the ;Uncomment these lines if you have problems with the disconnection of your analog lines busydetect=yes busycount=3 as tsopis allready said ?
  14. Gwayne

    Endpoint configuration

    First question ;) What version of Elastix and browser :)
  15. Gwayne

    Implementing VLANs...

    Ok first VLAN is network card independent ;) Its in the TCPIP stack. We use linksys or cisco POE switches and they all support vlan. About openvpn, well I implement on all Elastix boxes a openvpn client so I can make a call to the box and get a vpn ;)
  16. Gwayne

    Phone still ringing after I hang up

    I have seen it in Elastix 1.2-4. It seems to be fixed in 1,3
  17. Gwayne

    NIC is not register intel 945dgclf

    I wonder if we should add realtek rpm's to the elastix repo. It would be easy to do.
  18. Gwayne

    Implementing VLANs...

    The other easy way.. Add the yum repo of cento's Install the vconfig tool with: yum install vconfig Create the device file, vlan1 and the ip/netmask is arbitrary. /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-vlan1 The content of the file VLAN=yes...
  19. Gwayne

    A MOSCOW list for Elastix ;)

    In life its all about results and priorities. So I made it a habit to create a wish list based on what is important (to me ot the company.) So this is my list for Elastix, and I am looking into it if I can do and contribute it myself. Its based on MOSCOW, And feel free to add...