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  1. Elastix-3.0 stable version in Chinese released!

    Hello: we released Elastix-3.0 stable version in chinese. Anyone needs that, please let me know. download from : admin please tells me how to upload into the source for elastix-devel code.
  2. Elastix-3.0 chinese version will release soon!

    hello, all of users: the elastix-3.0 chinese version will release soon. we translated 90% words in chinese.
  3. 2.5 can not download

    hello: I can not download elastix-2.5 by the link from main page. please give a right page.
  4. Release FreePBX Ebook in Chinese!

    hello, all members: i released FreePBX Ebook in chinese. please refer this: ... 9-18-57-49
  5. Elastix-2.4 stable in chinese released!

    hello: Elastix-2.4 stable in chinese released! please refer this: ... elastix-cn
  6. Elastix-2.3 in Chinese is released

    hello: VOIP88 and histar release chinese po and mo files for elastix-2.3. we will submitted to the elastix community very soon. the link is here:
  7. translate conference module in chinese

    please refer the this for confeence:
  8. How to install OpenVoxAE2410P with Elastix-1.6/2.0

    hello: OpenVox AE2410P has been released. So far, the versions of elastix do not support 2410P. Therefore, users have to recompile the dahdi and asterisk. Please download the Howto from here: For Elastix-2.0: ... nglish.pdf For Elastix-1.6...
  9. how to send/receive sms by OpenVox G400P

    hello: OpenVox G400P can be implemented to send or receive sms. I will introduce few possible ways to get the features work. 1) To receive the sms, there is a patch to get sms and store that in text format under asterisk logs, customers can use script to parse that and save to somewhere...
  10. Install chan_ss7, asterisk, zaptel, openvox PRI

    hello: if you want to install asterisk, chan_ss7 and zaptel, please follow these steps: 1) download asterisk-1.4.20, zaptel-1.4.10 and chan_ss7_1.1 2) unzip asterisk-1.4.20.tar.gz to /usr/src, under asterisk dir, please run: ./configure, make and make install, make samples. 3) unzip...
  11. Install OpenVox asterisk GSM card- G400P

    hello, we will release openvox G400P very soon. here , i posted a test version. please go though these steps
  12. new callerid patch for wctdm.c and opvxa1200.c

    hello, all of users: we have updated the callerid patch for wctdm.c and opvxa1200.c for both of zaptel and dahdi, I create a new thread to guild user how to use the patch. this new thread will let user know how to use the openvox new patched to detect callerid. please make sure few things to...
  13. mISDN v2 supports openvox b100/b200/b400/b800

    hello, all of users: mISDN v2 has supported openvox b100/b200/b400/b800 with a patch. some new selling points are: 1) improved stability of modules when loading and unload that, no crash anymore. 2) batter sound quality 3) more debug tools. how to install that: 1) install new kernel 2)...
  14. how to

  15. how to rebuild your rpm with openvox new driver

    hello, if anyone wants to rebuild your RPM with a openvox a1200 new patch, you can do it in this way: 1) download the zaptel-1.4.XXX.src.rpm 2) install src.rpm 3) download the patch from( ... &frombbs=1) 3) cp the patch to /usr/src/readhat/SOURCES 4)...