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  1. Follow me announce on Group ring

    From a novice... I thought the # terminator was only for external calls? as in: 301 302 303 14085551212# I've seen strange behavior and had to loosen timing for follow-me if it might hunt outside our SIP network.
  2. Ring-back on failed transfers

    I need ring-back on failed transfers. I started down the road of a b2bua to supervise calls but that's been a brick wall. I've seen quite a few references to ring-back as a part of SIP but none of the FPBX projects seem to implement it. (Other than for ring groups and queues, but that would...
  3. Help - adding b2bua functionality?

    To start with, I'm an Asterisk gimp. I've set up two systems based on FreePBX and Sangoma cards, but nothing beyond what's available from the FPBX panels. Now I'm trying to convince our phones to subscribe to call status. The phones are Snom 370s with the new 7.1.33 firmware. This is supposed...