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  1. add extentions batch problem

    when i add extentions with csv file,i forget to add a line in the csv with DisplayName..... and now ,i see a blank extension in my extensions, cant delete. see the image file attached how can i delete the blank extension?
  2. Digium TE212BF cant work well

    env: elastix1.6 64bit Digium TE212BF (PCI-E) China i pull out the line from Digium card when the server is work well,and then insert the line,the asterisk cant synchronous,after about 5 minutes later,it can work well. in the CLI (pri show spans) i can see UP/DOWN many times. i have another...
  3. can't delete the record

    i conver the record from wav to mp3,then can't listen on web,so,i chang the files name from *.mp3 to *.wav,and can listen on web. though i select the record ,can't delete it when i click on the button "delete" . can someone can help me? thanks! my english is poor...