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  1. Darkness

    no calls are working

    this week has been the worse week of my life as all that could go wrong went wrong again. Today I came to work late again all working fine as usual when during the morning the phones just stop working I rebooted our elastix server all was well this hateful morning until the phones whent down...
  2. Darkness

    A working System Without Tears!

    "Though some may call thee mighty and dreadful, heart not soul." I am glad to say that I have proudly slain the great elastix dragon with help from this elastix web page. Previously I had a problem with Outbound calls, now I can sit back and laugh about it. Maybe elastix isn't that hard...
  3. Darkness

    Can not make outbound calls at all, help!?

    Please I don't know all these technical terms and stuff. I just want to know how I can fix my outbound calls problem as quickly as possible. I have set up my trunks and the incomming and outgoing routes and I don't know what I did wrong but I can't seem to call out we can only receive incomming...