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  1. Fop is white

    Hi after I update freepbx to the fop sto work and is white. any ideas ?
  2. no recording after transfer

    I notise that after the transfer the recording is no where. Example A call is comming via IVR to the operator 200 and the operator transfer the call to 202. The recording exists only with the operator, the final destination does not have recording. Any IDEA please?
  3. System stop working

    Hi my elastix PBX is working fine, it's updated with the 1.5.2-2 elastix and frePBX every thing OK~! But after 4 days , good qorking the system stop responding. I make a ping first and no response, so I make reset and work for another 4 days. How can I find the problem that...
  4. GUI interface

    after a succesfull installation I can;t see the gui interface. my net card is ok , because I am able to ping everythink and I am trying to access the server with both Firefox - IE