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  1. Blank PBX page, Please Helo

    Yes, it does not contain special caracters only numbers and LettErSs it's long 12 digit, but no caracters But thanks for the advice Anybody there?
  2. Blank PBX page, Please Helo

    I have read, but have not found a solution or not so smart to understand it, Also tried the solution for if in Elastix without tears page284 July5,2009 Edition, but no sucess either This is the link ( were is blank now but before I upgraded...
  3. Blank PBX page https://elstixIP/index.php?menu=pbx

    https://elstixIP/index.php?menu=pbxconfig after using "Unemblemed freepbx" then, no longer I can see the regurlar PBX page, I have read and tried solutons (cleaning cache) (reinstalin and updating perl) but nothing seems to work, Please Help.
  4. Using 4x SPA-3000 vs 1 TDM400p for FXO analog?

    Thanks Dicko for your fast response, it looks you know a lot, because of that, I need to ask you further, The reason I want to use 5 spa-3000 is because I used to have a Grandstream GXW4108, but could not diferienciate between trunks (FXOs) when I did a outbound routes, the GXW4108 would take...
  5. Using 4x SPA-3000 vs 1 TDM400p for FXO analog?

    I have the same question, does anybody knows? and oshkosh, have you tried with more than one spa-3000, has it work fine without any problems?