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  1. Aastra Scripts Custom Park

    When viewing the Parking Lot entries I would like to see who actually parked the call. Does anyone have a clue what modifications could be made to show this info. Perhaps it is by manipulating the CID. Thanks.
  2. address book module question

    bump...anyone? thanks
  3. modify address_book module

    I would like to create a variation of the address_book module for a client. I duplicated the address_book module /var/www/html/modules. Can some help me with what I need to customize in the new module so it shows up as a separate module. Thanks.
  4. address book module question

    Is it possible to default showing 'external' numbers instead of 'internal'? TIA
  5. Weird remote SIP issue

    I am trying to get a remote extension to register via a site-site VPN connection. The SIP phone/client comes back with a 408 error. After much troubleshooting, I decided to install a fresh new copy of Elastix with FreePBX all updated to current releases. I configured this to have the same IP...
  6. Deleting from monitoring list

    I thought that Elastix indexed all the files in the MySQL database. So I did not want to just delete the files and have the db think they should still be there.
  7. Deleting from monitoring list

    I have several hundred monitoring files I need to delete in order to free up space. Right now it seems that I have to click on each one individually then submit only 15 at a time. I would like to be able to ither say select all and it would select all 15 for me....or better yet I wish I could...
  8. upgrading 0.9.2 (+FreePBX 2.4) to 1.0

    I am running Elastix 0.9.2 which I have manually updated to Free PBX 2.4. It works great. I updated FreePBX using the install script, not the GUI, and hand edited some files to make sure they would work (with the help of diff) Anyway, I now want to upgrade Elastix to 1.0, but it still uses...
  9. Inbound routing via lookup

    Anyone have any suggestions on how I can perform inbound routing based on a lookup. Either the callerid is looked up in a list that determined the Inbound Route to follow...or can I have a list of callerids for a particular Inboud Route. thanks.