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  1. Autodialer or Rate ?

    Hello, one of our client wants to have a simple web interface with one agent to load his .csv and start dialing. I did a setup with elastix however i have couple of questions: 1. Elastix uses predictive dialer, where do i set the rate ? (x calls per agent ect) 2. Is it possible to do a...
  2. Elastix dies when there is no internet connection

    Bind or bind9 is pretty simple to setup. Even got a gui for gnome.
  3. Elastix dies when there is no internet connection

    Try to setup a local dns server and point elastix to it.
  4. Anybody from Russia?

  5. New SugarCrm v5 Gpl Asterisk plugin

    Look at my topic in SugarCrm forum, we need this ;)
  6. russian translation updated for 1.1.7

  7. Configure grandstream FXO gateway with elastix

    yea comments like: What have you done allready? and Come ask questions when you actually blocked.
  8. New SugarCrm v5 Gpl Asterisk plugin

    ok, so sugar was a nice solution with that asterisk plugin, now look here Elastix should drop the 4.5 version and get 5.0 community one with that connector, more features.
  9. Vicidial / AstGUI Integration

    Vicidal is a predictive dialer with hight customisation, it would be difficult to integrate it.
  10. default passwords (not password)

    admin admin admin password admin palosanto admin mypassword (billing)
  11. Router Recommendations

    I am using pfsense,(traffic shafting qos failover....) with miniitx mobo and flash card, also Zeroshell looks nice
  12. Improve the forum

    Something like this would be fine Russian site, but who cares, look at forum
  13. receiving this message on server locally...

    irq problems , shut off all unused hardware like sound/usb controllers
  14. chan_mobile help for install

    no it was a normal system
  15. Strange Asterisk activity

    Look like someone is calling on ZAP 1, and you dont have any actions asigned.
  16. chan_mobile help for install

    It is very strange, i did this, nothing more And modifyed my hci config to change pin. I have installed 1.1 this morning so i dont have the system anymore, but i can assure you, after installation system started by itself and connected to phones on system start or "In Range"
  17. Structure of "AGENDA" database

    I would like to import all my contact from outlook to "agenda" with callback, i would like to know how is your data is organized "Schema" (mysql i suppose) and default password to mysql, thank you. I will convert my data by whatever means i have to import, i think i am no the only one in this case.
  18. chan_mobile help for install

    Stupid question have you restarted you bt service? Agent is not missing coz i HAVE managed to pair my 2 phone with elastix.
  19. chan_mobile help for install

    go to /etc/bluetooth/configfiledontrememberthename set the pin it is BlueZ by defualt
  20. chan_mobile help for install

    So,is there anyone else who has managed to install chan_mobile and did some test besides me ? I still have segmentation fault every time when i try to use paired devices.