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  1. Print to Fax

    Apparently my original reason for doing this how it's done is gone! Awesome! According to the fax clients page of There is now Winprint Hylafax For Win7: As well as Winprint...
  2. Print to Fax

    In Windows Vista this works: Manufacturer: Dell -> Printers: Dell 3100cn PS In Windows 7 this works: Manufacturer: Xerox -> Printers: Xerox Phaser 6120 PS I've tried others but not all other PS drivers, some worked, some didn't. Also of note is, when I originally created this post, "\"'s...
  3. Print to Fax

    Make sure ALL the font in the document is a font that ghostscript has access to. "Times" worked for me, as I recall.
  4. Hylafax notification email

    *bump* Anybody know how to set this? Currently I'm sending faxes using sendfax -D and it still doesn't notify the email address I specify. There must be a setting in hylafax faxd overriding the client. Thanks
  5. Print to Fax

    sorry -- I don't know how that would be done. The best thing I could think of is if you can annotate the image and then, make the annotation ("Markup?") display, then go to print, then at the print dialog, under "Comments and Forms:" pick "Document and Markups" and your highlighted annotation...
  6. Elastix install issue on a VPS

    OpenVZ might well work by an alternate method, but I couldn't get the mknod in /dev/loop to work in OpenVZ, only Xen.
  7. Print to Fax

    Little tip with vista(and newer?): if your certificate for httpd is not legit (eg it's self signed), Vista will fail to add the printer giving you some nonsensical error like it couldn't connect (even though it definitely can). Get around this by either using http:// instead of https://, or...
  8. Print to Fax

    Solution for running a network printer that, given a properly formatted document, will fax to a fax number. The user should be able to be on any operating system that supplies PostScript printer drivers. Since Vista makes everything a nightmare I was trying to find a replacement for...
  9. Best way to print a fax

    //edit please ignore my post - I misunderstood the question and there is no delete
  10. Rsync In Asterisk

    I understand and indeed I use yum, I like it. I want to mirror your repository! And wget is most certainly not more well suited than rsync for this -- wget cannot delete the old files that will disappear from your repository. Thanks for your consideration.
  11. Rsync In Asterisk

    *BUMP* this would be very useful and reduce bandwidth usage and stress on your server.
  12. Elastix 1.5.2 out for Download

    nevermind my post was re: 1.5 not 1.5.2, erased
  13. Changing the default Openfire port...

    Hi -- when I installed Openfire I configured it to use non-default ports (not 9090 for the web interface). When I click "IM" on the elastix menu, It tries to open an iframe to src="openfireWrapper.php?IP=my.ip.add.ress&PORT=9090" I've looked around but can't figure it out. How do I...
  14. Elastix install issue on a VPS

    y'all should be able to do this in the VPS (OpenVZ doesn't work, use Xen VPS): mkdir -p /dev/loop && cd /dev/loop mknod 0 b 7 0 then do the mount
  15. Openfire Jabber-Server: Multiple Vulnerabilities

    *bump* Can we get the newest version (3.6.2, fixes vulnerability) in the elastix CentOS repository? ... gelog.html There's not some incompatibility issue with versions above 3.5.2 is there? Thanks!