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  1. Autodialer or Rate ?

    Hello, one of our client wants to have a simple web interface with one agent to load his .csv and start dialing. I did a setup with elastix however i have couple of questions: 1. Elastix uses predictive dialer, where do i set the rate ? (x calls per agent ect) 2. Is it possible to do a...
  2. New SugarCrm v5 Gpl Asterisk plugin

    Look at my topic in SugarCrm forum, we need this ;)
  3. New SugarCrm v5 Gpl Asterisk plugin

    ok, so sugar was a nice solution with that asterisk plugin, now look here Elastix should drop the 4.5 version and get 5.0 community one with that connector, more features.
  4. Structure of "AGENDA" database

    I would like to import all my contact from outlook to "agenda" with callback, i would like to know how is your data is organized "Schema" (mysql i suppose) and default password to mysql, thank you. I will convert my data by whatever means i have to import, i think i am no the only one in this case.