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  1. pnaves

    Web conference

    I got the same error on Elastix 2.3 fresh install. Anyone found out how to manage it? tks, Pedro
  2. pnaves

    Form close after hang up

    Hi folks, Someone got a way to turn around this big bug? When the call is hang up during an outgoing campaign, the form is closed instantly. Giving no change to agent save the form, missing all data. Tks
  3. pnaves

    Custom Trunk

    Hi, Folks, I had a custom trunk working fine, calling to a DISA, with this custom dial string: ZAP/1/008007082122ww000000000ww$OUTNUM$ I updated the system, Elastix 1.5, by yum update command. After the updated, the pseudo-channel ZAP was changed to DAHDI, affecting the custom trunk. So...
  4. pnaves

    Script to call

    I discovered a way to establish call through queues. Just change the value of Channel parameter to: Channel: Local/"queue number"@ext-queues I also found something more intersting a easy way to integrate calendar and call center modules. Just changing few parts of the code. I will...
  5. pnaves

    help with the dial

    Hi, I had configured a custom trunk with this custom dial ZAP/2/08007082122www000000000ww$OUTNUM$. Was working fine, but After I updated Elastix 1.5(yum update) I had to change the ZAP parameter to DAHDI. However the call is being completed but I always heared the message saying that the...
  6. pnaves

    Script to call

    Dear Dicko, Thank you, one more time, for your reply, I have success to establish calls using "Agent/Number". However the Agent Panel doesn't recognize the call. I need to change the code to do that because I'm trying to integrate the calendar with the Call-center module to allow...
  7. pnaves

    Script to call

    Hi, I have this Script to make a automatic call: Action: originate Channel: SIP/41 CallerID: Teste <41> MaxRetries: 20 RetryTime: 60 WaitTime: 30 Context: from-internal Extension: 040636363 Priority: 1 If I want to change the channel destination what would be the "Channel"...
  8. pnaves

    call drop

    Hi, Folks, Sometimes call drops after few minutes. There is this warning in Asterisk's Log Unable to create channel of type 'SIP' (cause 20 - Unknown) What I have to do to fix this problem? Thanks
  9. pnaves

    Transfer to unavaiable extension

    Hi, Folks, When I try to transfer a call to unavailable extension the call drop. Are there a way to turn this problem? Thanks
  10. pnaves

    configuring IVR

    Hi, Folks, I want to create an IVR where caller doesn't need to press any number to be redirect to a queue or a ring group. Something like this: "Please dial the wish extension or wait for attendant" wait few seconds then the caller will be redirect to a queue Are there a way to do this by...
  11. pnaves

    WMM Wi-Fi MultiMedia

    Hi, Folks, Anyone do able the router functionality WMM Wi-Fi MultiMedia? I know that this property would be beneficial to voip traffic, but when I able this option the quality of calls down dramatically. Why is it happen?
  12. pnaves

    Ibound route - I am sorry an error has ocurred

    Hi, Folks, I have a problem in a box that drives me crazy! Every inbound calls has been routed to a specific Queue. Everything works fine, but sometimes without any changes, when someone call listen the message "I am sorry but an error has occurred":woohoo: then I restart the asterisk...
  13. pnaves

    freepbx translate bug

    Thank you for reply! The freepbx modules is already translated but when I access the freepbx modules inside elastix the translation isn't applied. I read somewhere in this forum that there is a bug causing this behavior. Even when I selected Spanish the freepbx content remains in english...
  14. pnaves

    freepbx translate bug

    Hi, Folks, I'm currently translating all elastix to Portuguese-BR but embedded freepbx seems have a bug preventing the translate succeed, even that the unembedded freepbx be totally translated. Anyone knows how I could proceed this translate? Best Regards, Pedro
  15. pnaves


    This link is deprecated. Anyone know where could I find this solution? I currently use Elastix 1.6 and still has the same problem in freepbx configuration inside elastix. Tks
  16. pnaves

    Busy signal detect

    Hi Folks, I followed the fax video tutorial exactly. However this video is deprecated. Version >1.5 have some differences. So I followed the Elastix without tears. But I can't figure out what is it happening. When I try to send fax from IAX2 206 extension to 301 fax virtual machine I got...
  17. pnaves

    Install call center elastix 2

    Hi, Folks, What should I do to perform the installation of call center module in Elastix 2.0, I didn't find Module loader functionality in this verison. Regrads, Pedro
  18. pnaves

    Restricting registration

    Hi Folks, Sometimes my PBX simple declined the extensions registration, after some reboots the extensions are be accepted again. The asterisk logs show me this notice without any error or warning Restricting registration for peer '25' to 60 seconds (requested 300) Restricting...
  19. pnaves

    delayed to pick up

    Dear Friends, When I received an incoming call coming through my Wildcard AEX800 Board. The pbx delayed 2 ring tones then pickup call. Sometimes the delayed is greater even four rings. Do you know a settings to pbx pick up at the first ring tone: Regards, Pedro
  20. pnaves

    Ejecutar Aplicaciones Externas con Asterisk

    Sorry wrong message