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  1. Install Elastix 4 on VMware not going

    Hi, I'm trying to install Elastix-4.0.76-Stable on VMware, but it is stopped in this step ! Image is attached. any idea ?
  2. Roomx module failure

    I have a problem in Roomx hotel module, all tabs are working well except the "Company Report" and "Booking" tabs, they give blank screen. after checking the SSL log, I found this error: [Tue Apr 05 11:24:11 2016] [error] [client] PHP Warning...
  3. Queue Login/Logout monitor

    hi, How can I monitor the queue dynamic agents ? I need to know in which time the agent made Login or Logout . Please help.
  4. Identify attack source

    In Elastix log I found too many records like: Is there an Asterisk variable contains the attacker user agent (software used to send the call ) to display it using Noop() ?
  5. add new vendor

    is there a way to add new vendor MAC address range in Elastix endpoint_configurator ?
  6. Elastix 3 SIP trunk

    I have installed Elastix 3 with multi-tenant option but i can't make outbound calls from SIP trunk even it is registered !, call gives busy. configuration as shown: -asterisk log: please help
  7. Divide Elastix to multi PBXs

    Hi, is there a method or module to divide Elastix to many users, every user has a separate admin panel, in every admin panel, the user can create his own extensions, IVRs, queues,.... every user can check his own configuration ONLY! any idea?
  8. MOH in CDR

    I wants to insert record in CDR when the music on hold started , also i case of call transfer I tried to use "Channel Event Logging" but no effect any idea?
  9. Isolate extensions/SIP trunks configuration

    Hi, I wants to install a dynamic system on Elastix machine to register extensions on database instead of saving configuration of extensions in file sip_additional.conf. my problem in configuration saved on sip_additional.conf, if there is a configuration saved in this file for any extension...
  10. Display DND status

    Hi, I have a problem in showing Do Not Disturb status of an extension on the flash panel, when i activated it by *78, DND not displayed on the panel until restarting it. any idea??
  11. Asterisk RealTime

    Hi, can i run elastix 2.2 in real time Architecture using Mysql?
  12. voicemail external notification

    Hi, I have a problem with the new Elastix 2.2.0, the voicemail light is not working when i receive a new voicemail message, I tried to set:pollmailboxes=yes but no effect, I uses IP phone: yealink and the MWI is enabled, please help?
  13. voicemail default design

    is there a way to edit the design of the asterisk default voicemail system?? i found that the command: VoiceMailMain is controlling the process (example press 1 for new messages, 2 for old messages , ......etc) but i can't find the context which do this process. please help.
  14. click-to-call to a queue

    i tried to use the click to call service here: ... khome.html and it worked well, but i wants to redirect the call to a queue instead of certain extension, what i shall change...
  15. redirect calls by country

    how can i redirect the incoming calls on my SIP trunk according to the source ip?? i need to filter the incoming calls by the source country...any idea?
  16. conference background music

    How can i play a radio stream for a conference members? i tried to use MOH but it is allowed to be played for one member only and also it has a problem, it plays for only 1 second then the voice disappear. any suggestion?
  17. MPlayer always working

    i created a steaming MOH , and played it using Mplayer but the problem is the stream is always working on the elastix machine, i wants to play it in the music on hold only. how can i stop it??
  18. DAHDI answer the call in ringing state

    i have a problem in the FXO card the call go to the answered state once it transferred to the provider so the a2billing detects it as a call and decreases the balance. how can i configure DAHDI to go to answered mode after the callee answers the call (not in the ringing period) ? i tried...
  19. mysql password

    i have a problem with elastix 2.0.0-36 i need to install a newer version of a2billing but i think the passsword of mysql has been changed in elastix 2. the old mysql root password i uses for elastix 1.6 is :peLaStIx.2oo7 but now i have the error: access denied. i tried the password that i...
  20. voicemail from outside

    How can i check my voicemail messages from outside?? i wants to call the Elastix system from the mobile and dial a certain number to reach my voicemail inbox, How?