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  1. Help for call center module

    It seems no one can support anything related to call center module in this forum. Will the paid official support answer any question about call center module? Frankie
  2. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    After login call center agent, elastixdialer can't automatically make calls. I check the follows: 1. Call list was uploaded to the table calls in mysql 2. Daemon of elastixdialer was started before login 3. Queue in outbound Campaigns was set. Questions 1. Is there any procedure that...
  3. Something about call_center module

    Anyone successfully use call_center module ? After tried the call_center module, I discovered the follows: 1. Although uploaded CSV file during creation of outgoing campaign, CSV Data in Outgoing Campaigns List shows No Data. 2. After successfully login to Agent Consle, status of Agents...