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  1. Dell Optilex 960

    Hi Can someone help me with the Dell Optiplex 960 network driver. I am trying to install Elastix 1.5.2 on Dell Optiplex 960
  2. Called Number

    Hi Is there anyway I could display the called person name when I make a call to an extension. For e.g: If i make a call from my extension to another extension.He/She can see my name as the callerID, but can my phone display the person I have called Thanks in advance
  3. Dell 2950 with Perc6i Raid

    Hi Has anyone been able to install Elastix on a Dell 2950 with RaidController Perc 6i in it. When trying to install Elastix 0.9.2, I am getting an error Hardware Not Found. Please help Thanks & Regards
  4. Backup Issue Resolution

    The PBX backup does not happen as the files in the folder /va/lib/asterisk/bin does not have the permission. Execute chmod 777 * from the folder and the backup should start working<br><br>Post edited by: rejil.rajan, at: 2007/05/28 08:32
  5. Backup does not work

    Hi After installing Elastix 0.8 and moving the backup and restoring it from the version 0.73. The PBX Configuration tab goes blank.. and no contents are available if we choose the Restore the Entire Backup set