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  1. Elastix 2.2; Configuring IMAP/Voicemail/Exchange

    I was looking to configure Voice mail to use IMAP either using MS 2010 Exchange Server or the default mail system on Elastix 2.2. It appears there are several ways to set up IMAP and I was wondering what was included, if anything in Elastix 2.2 and where to go from here to try and accomplish...
  2. Downloads /Extras Elastix 2.0 & 1.6 or 1.8 Possibl

    I have CENTOS on a virtual host that I renting. I would like to install Elastix on it and I found in Extras the "You can convert a CentOS operating system in Elastix." I did a CENTOS 5.5 installation at home before to test before trying to put it on my Virtual Host. I then ran the installation...
  3. Feature Request: MS Outlook Voice Dialing/Unified

    It would be nice to be able to set up Microsoft Outlook Voice Dialing as well as the Unified messaging piece with MS Exchange 2007.
  4. 1.4 Beta (unified messaging) for Exchange 2007

    I hope that the book is translated to English, I would by it to understand how Elastix does unified messaging. Does Beta 1.4 have everything it takes to store the voicemail messages in Exchange 2007, as I understand it, that would be unified messaging? All the voicemail messages would be...
  5. call screening - extensions

    when was call screening added to extensions? It's a great feature. I see it in 1.4 beta but not before?
  6. In backups, I noticed the Month and Day are flippe

    In Backup and restore, I have backed up a couple of times and noticed: elastixbackup-20081206123120-q3.tar 06/12/2008 12:31:20 the name of the file is correct, however the month shows "06" instead of "12" and the Day shows "12" instead of "06". I just wanted to let you know. thanks.
  7. streaming moh

    I have read and tried the moh streaming examples in the "Elastix Without Tears" After adding the madplay rpms from the example (Elastix Without Tears" In the GUI under application I tried to add "Streaming Category" of "country" Under application I added the example of...
  8. chan_mobile (1.4 Beta) and a new feature called "c

    I decided to see what the Elastix community was doing. I downloaded and installed the 1.4 beta. I was very excited when I seen a new feature in there called "Call Screening" This is something I have wanted for a long time. Thank you very much for that! I hope 1.4 isn't long in coming out...
  9. Is blacklist gone (0.9.0)

    I just installed 0.9.0 and was looking for blacklist. Is it not there?
  10. Issues with Yum .9 beta

    The ISO installed fine. I attempted to do the yum updates and there are issues with spandsp and then yum bombed. --> Processing Dependency: spandsp = 0.0.3 for package: libmfcr2 --> Finished Dependency Resolution Error: Missing Dependency: spandsp = 0.0.3-13 is needed by package...
  11. Screen

    It would be nice to have "call screening" Someone calls in and if there is a previous file with their record name associated with their DID, the phone would just give ring back. The called party would answer and you would get "Call from xxxx", Press 1 to accept the call, Press 2 to send the...
  12. 2007-0928 yum update no admin

    I can't tell if the yum update has been fixed or not. I just did a yum update and I can't find the menu that does the actual configuration in asterisk (freepbx). Once I go to: https://myelastixpbx I get the login password, I put that in and it gives me the choices. I choose PBX and it...
  13. Is Reinstalling from scratch necessary?

    Is it my understand as of a certain relase you don't have to re-install from scratch now with Elastix, or is that still the case when you go from an old release to a new release? TIA
  14. Followme

    Is there any way using the follow me from asterisk or the freePBX followme to have it prompt for the caller's name? If so, maybe an example or what to do? TIA
  15. iPhone Virtual Voicemail Like

    This would be similar to iPhone's Virtual Voicemail. It could be used on any Cell Phone that does MMS. (I am not a programmer) Write a program like in Perl that cron could run every minute that would loog at the: /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/.... mailbox folders and read...
  16. Error: Missing Dependency: elastix >= 0.8-5 is nee

    I am trying to do a yum update and I am getting: --> Processing Dependency: elastix >= 0.8-5 for package: freePBX --> Finished Dependency Resolution Error: Missing Dependency: elastix >= 0.8-5 is needed by package freePBX Is there an issue with yum configuration I need to fix?