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  1. tumbleweed

    Where in Asterisk are General Settings

    Hi guys I need to change recording from .wav to .gsm and also add entry in "Run after recording" but within Asterisk CLI. Thanks
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    Disable outgoing calls after hours

    Hi Is there a way to disable all outgoing calls and reopen at a predefined time(s) or better still to shutdown the PBX or maybe the trunks on a timer? Thanks
  3. tumbleweed

    Calls not recording

    Hello I set up anther PBX (v2) and restored the config from a working PBX. Deleted the original extensions and created new ones with record set to "Always" on all. Can make calls successfully but not recording. Checked /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and nothing. Checked everything I can think...
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    IVR reporting

    Hi Is it possible to provide a report/statistics or email alerts on IVR usage with Elasix or is there a 3rd party software available? Thanks
  5. tumbleweed

    Cannot log back onto Elastix GUI

    Hi all Not sure what's happening, but we cannot log on to two of our Elastix servers via the GUI. Get the logon screen, but no further. One last week and another today. Nobody has changed the passwords as only 3 of us know them. Am able to get in via FreePBX using the url but not elastix GUI...
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    How can I disable logging

    Hi Is it possible to disable logging? Elastix v2.3 Thanks TW
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    Logs filling up but where

    Hi all Elastix dashboard is showing nearly 200Gb usage, but checking all the log directories it is nowhere near that. I have also deleted some older logs but the dashboard has not changed. I have Checked: /var/log/asterisk /var/log/messages /var/log Is there anywhere else to look...
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    Script stopped working - how do I view errors

    hello all, Is there anyway to see what the script is doing? The Asterisk log shows the script being executed but nothing else. The script should rename a recording and make a copy in after recording. Recording file is still being produced but script not making any changes....Thanks Here's the...
  9. tumbleweed

    Call recording module?

    Hi all Is there a module or software to schedule auto backup of the monitor directory to an external backup drive? Thanks
  10. tumbleweed

    Advise on installing Elastix 2.3

    Hi I currently have v2.0 and would like to upgrade to 2.3 but I prefer to do a fresh install on another server and test it first. I have some questions which I hope you can answer. Is it OK to install FreePBX v10 with this? Is there a install guide for 2.3? Finally are there any...
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    Force IVR to ring the extension

    Hi all I have IVR working nicely for office open/close times only. In other words I am not using any option, But I have to use "1" to either go to the extension voicemail or ring the extension depending on the time and day. Question is: As I do not require any options for the caller, is it...
  12. tumbleweed

    Where do the Inbound/Outbound config files reside?

    Hi all V2.0.0. Does anybody know where these files are located? Thanks
  13. tumbleweed

    Use 2 VoIP providers on same server

    Hi all Can we use a second VoIP provider on the same Elastix server running v2.0.1? Would this be done using custom context or is there a better way? Our current outward connections use IAX2 and inbound is Sip. So we would like to use both providers, but direct some phones via them and...
  14. tumbleweed

    Using cron to schedule daily Elastix v2.0.1 reload

    Hi guys Is there a step-by-step guide that is a proven worker? It would also be ideal if an auto email sent when it's down and another when it's back up. I've never used cron before so some help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. tumbleweed

    Spoof my mobile phone CID

    Hi Is it possible to use my mobile phone CID on a VoiP phone/asterisk? Using Elastix v2. Thanks
  16. tumbleweed

    Call recording management

    Hi We make around 3,000 calls per day and all the recordings are kept!! I cannot back these up using WinSCP, as soon as I go into var/spool/asterisk/monitor it just hangs indefinately, I guess due to the sheer volume of recordings in that directory around 250,000. The server is a quad core...
  17. tumbleweed

    How to set up PIN code on outbound route

    Hi We have the latest Elastix version, also Freepbx v2.8 I would like to set up PIN codes for calling out to certain countries in the outbound route, but not sure how to set this up. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  18. tumbleweed

    Default System Recordings

    Are there language packs available in English (UK) or are we stuck with the American accent?
  19. tumbleweed

    Restore from bakup 32bit Elastix onto a 64bit

    Hi All We currently have Elastix (32bit) running on a PC, but have now purchased a Dell rack mounted server. The question is. If I install Elastix 64bit on the new server, can I restore the backup config/settings (32bit) from the old server? Thanks
  20. tumbleweed

    Inbound calls not showing as a Missed Call

    Hi all Strange problem when receiving a call whilst on the phone. Call does goe to voicemail, but does not show a missed call on the phone itself. Phones only show Missed Calls when phone not in use. Happening to all phobnes. Using Elsatix v2.0 Has anyone had this problem or know how to...