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  1. asterisk-ices.xml

    It seems this is not included with this package of asterisk. Where it is with all other implentations (Trixbox, Paridise, etc). Is there a reason the developers left out this plugin?
  2. Stream incoming call to website

    I have found a few topics using google, on streaming a incoming call to website, but nothing with any real answers. Here is what I am looking to do. I want to be able to call into the asterisk box, dial an extension, and then have my one-way audio be broadcast live (or semi-live - small...
  3. Yum File

    Would someone running a current verison care to post their Yum file, so I dont have to install the iso just to see this. We are working on a package installer for elastix, but so that upgrades work, we need to mirror the yum file used in the iso. :-)
  4. VPS

    Since there is no way to install an iso on a VPS, has anyone developed an package installer that we can use on a VPS. If someone wants to work on the installer, I would be willing to provide the Virtuozzo Image for others to use. We currently sell Trixbox on our vpses, but would rather...