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  1. Fax module direct printing

    Hello, I've made some patch to include direct printing of faxs capability to the fax module. First you need to install cups to your server. ( yum install cups ) And define a printer via the cups web interface http://yourserver:631 Name you printer ex myprinter From the file attach replace...
  2. Elastix 1.5 beta 3 Dahdi TE122

    Hello For those who a try to get Digium TE122 to work with Dahdi and Elastix 1.5. Here is an issue with . The card isnt detect in Elastix 1.5 beta 3 and when you test with dahdi_hardware you get this message. 31 channels in a T1 span at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Dahdi/
  3. DID routing with Hylafax

    Hello I try to make DID routing with Hylafax and not DEVICE routing but with no luck. By default Elastix does DEVICE routing not DID on iaxmodem ( ex 6222 -> ttyIAX1) and the routing is base on ttyIAX1 and not 6222 . To make Hylafax DID routing whe have to edit...
  4. Direct call forward to Voicemail

    Hello I've search to do a direct call forward to voicemail and did not get something to work. What i want to do is : When i'm out of office for a long time , i want to compose a code ex: *47 on my phone this code transfer all incoming call to my voicemail directly , not after...
  5. Upgrade 1.1.8 via rpm

    Bonjour Mon serveur (1.1.7) n'ayant pas accès à internet , l'upgrade via un rpm est-il possible ? Si oui ou downloader ce rpm 1.1.8 ou faut il l'extraire de l'iso ? Merci pour votre aide
  6. Maintenance et installation en France

    Bonjour Existe-t-il des sociétés faisant de la maintenance ou de l'installation d'Elastix en France (hardware et/ou soft ). Merci pour vos réponses
  7. Elastix 1.2beta2 asterisk crash

    Hello I'm currently test Elastix 1.2beta2 with a Openvox b200p card . Everytime i boot Asterisk die STARTING ASTERISK Asterisk ended with exit status 1 Asterisk died with code 1. Automatically restarting Asterisk. mpg123: no process killed Asterisk ended with exit status 1...