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  1. Trying to set Elastix channel bank PRI to T1

  2. Trying to set channel bank PRI to T1

  3. Backup/Restore with FTP option

    Does anyone know if the new backup/restore module available on Elastix 2.0 can be added to Elastix 1.6? If this is possible pleas provide the steps?
  4. Route a call to two different lines simultaneously

    I have two Polycom phones registered with two different extensions. Phone A has three line appearance for extension 8105 and one appearance of extension 8100. Phone B has three line appearances on extension 8100. Calls are only routing to phone A. How do I make calls route two both phones...
  5. Elastix 1.6 Network Configuration not available

    I just installed Elastix 1.6; ran
  6. Follow Me portal for end user

  7. Digium TDM422BF analog card

    I installed a new Digium TDM422BF card on HP Proliant server running Elastix 1.5.2. I ran the