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  1. Compatibility with PowerEdge T110

    Hi, yes I purchase the T110 server but I'm using it as my VMWare server. I can install Elastix on it, the next week and update with my experience. Regards, tensk8
  2. after 3 sec, the x-lite gives long bips (elstix)

    Hi, I see you install your box, but did you reinstall your softphone? Are you using a PCI card with FXO ports to make calls to the PSTN? Regards, tensk8
  3. Compatibility with PowerEdge T110

    Hi experts, I need to know if someone successfully install Elastix on a PowerEdge T110. I need to buy a new server and this model is my choice. I don't want to buy it an invest $1200 until I know it will be compatible with Elastix. Server model...
  4. Call Limit issue

    Hi all, one of the new versions of elastix bring in the extensions tag of the administration web page, an space to configure a call limit variable. For default, this value bring a 5 minutes call limit. When I change this value to put one greater an click in apply configurations changes...
  5. Manager API help

    Thank you very much bmacias B) , I will take a look on those files.
  6. Sever stops registering - needs reboot

    Hi, I'm having the same problem. Did you fix it? Thanks
  7. Manager API help

    Ok, I get it, no one can't help me!!;)
  8. APi

    Ok, I get it, no one can't help me!!;)
  9. APi

    Ok, I get it, no one can't help me!!;)
  10. Manager API help

    No one can help me!!!!:(
  11. Manager API help

    Hi, I was developing an application with the Manager API. In this application, I'm originate a call (this is connecting fine). The next code is part of my application echo "Action: Originate"; echo "Channel: ZAP/2/$celular"; echo "Exten: s"; echo...
  12. Zaptel and rhino equipment

    Hi. I need to know where are the source files of zaptel in elastix 8.4 and 8.5, because I bought two R8FXX cards from rhino equipment and I can't configure it because I don't know where to download the image for this cards. For example, if someone know in which directory are the digium...
  13. problema xon zapata.conf

    Hola. Alguno ha intentado instalar una tarjeta de rhinoequipment? Necesito saber donde se encuentra el directorio fuente de Zaptel para descargar ahi los archivos de mi tarjeta, en trixbox estan en /usr/src/zaptel, pero en elastix????? Gracias por la ayuda
  14. Soporte Oh323 y SCCP para Elastix

    me gustaria saber como lo hizo oh323 y sccp en elastix
  15. NvFaxDetect in 0.8.5

    Hello Someone know if this "new release" 0.8.5 of elastix, had the application NvFaxdetect incorporated. I'm trying to send and received faxes, but nothing happened. The channel just hangup thanks:dry:
  16. SCCP-phone keeps ringing

    Hello bbackx Can you tell me how you did to install chan_sccp. I already download it 2007-07-12_chan_sccp-Version1.4.7. But when I did make & make install give me some error. I want to used it with an 7920 Any help will be thank.:dry:
  17. Password for connecting to hylafax

    Hi Holg. I'm using Gfax to try to connect to Hylafax, but when I open such application ask me for a password. How do you resolve this issue? Thanks:dry:
  18. Comunicar Hylafax a la PSTN

    Hola todos. Estoy usando Elastix como Fax server, y quiero comunicunicarlo con el fax de un amigo que se encuentra en la PSTN. Hylafax es mi fax server y Gfax es mi cliente en mi Laptop. Cuando trato de registrar Gfax, me da una ventana solicitandome un password. 1-) Como hago para que...
  19. Sending fax by Hylafax to PSTN world

    Hello everyboby. I'm using Elastix to try to communicate like a fax machine. A friend of mine have a fax machine attached to the PSTN, and I want to send him a fax. I'm using too, Hylafax as a server, and Gfax as a client on my laptop. When I try to register my Gfax to Hylafax, this one ask...
  20. AVAYA 4610SW with elastix

    Hi I need to register an Avaya H323 telephone with my Elastix, I already spend like 3 days doing this an get nothing. I hear something like I need to use TFTP to download something to the phone. Help please.