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  1. How to change attached fax name?

    When I receive fax via email in subject and body I have this line: Fax attached Nº fax000000472.pdf If I receive new fax, number is fax000000743.pdf and so on... But attached file name is fax.pdf How can I change and where attached file name to be just like in subject fax000000472.pdf...
  2. Problems with user login and logoff

    I'm on deviceanduser mode. I would like that more users can use one phone. So when I try to logoff user or login using codes *11 *12 I'm getting that error.
  3. Problems with user login and logoff

    Hello, user logout and user login is not working. I'm using dial codes *11 and *12. I'm getting voice error: "an error has occured". Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks