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  1. Internal error

    No, My iso is correct
  2. Internal error

    I think there is a wrong file or a corrupted file on my elastix. But which one ? I don't know. Someone an idea ? thanks in advance
  3. Internal error

    Hi, Can someone help me ? I have a strange problem with my Elastix. First, when I launch Elastix I Have no picture in the first page If I refresh my screen I have just one pictures, if I do it again i can have three pictures And sometime I have all the pictures. Most of the...
  4. route by caller Id setting

    Route by caller Id Hi, I am currently trying to set up this function, but I when I try to configure a route like this: any DID / 012345678 it doesn't work. If I make a route like : 130 / any CID it works Can somebody help me, please ? thanks
  5. files.conf generation

    I am currently modifying several file.conf such as extensions.conf and I was wondering what php file generates this file (extensions.conf). Is it /../admin/modules/core/ ? or something else ? I don't know. Can somebody help me please ? thanks in advance....
  6. app-blacklist-check

    Hi, I would like to know which file is lauch to check the blacklist database. When I receive a call my asterisk doesn't check the blacklist database. When I receive a call I should see something like this in the first lines : Verbosity is at least 5 -- Accepting voice call from...
  7. blacklisted numbers

    In fact the system does not check if the number is in the blacklist or not. This is what I have when I receive a call. Executing [4001@from-pstn:1] Macro("XOIP/g0-0x277278", "exten-vm|novm|4001") in new stack -- Executing [s@macro-exten-vm:1] Macro("XOIP/g0-0x277278"...
  8. blacklisted numbers

    wich one ?
  9. blacklisted numbers

    yes but it doesn't appear in this file. my blacklist function doesn't modify "extension_addition.conf" file. what should I do ? Can you see your blacklisted numbers in this file ? If yes, could you show me how it appears in this file please. Thanks in advance.
  10. blacklisted numbers

    Hi, Where are the blacklisted numbers saved? I have to know because my blacklist module doesn't care about these numbers My blacklist doesn't work 100%. I have just one question. Where is located the blacklisted numbers. Are they in the extensions_additional.conf or...
  11. Blacklist problem

    Hi, I have trouble to understand my blacklist module. I can put and remove a number from the blacklist, but when I call this number wich is in the blacklist, I can talk to him. Something is wrong with this module. Can somebody help me please ? It would seem that the number is not...
  12. Privacy manager

    No one, an idea ?
  13. Caller ID blocking

    Yes, this is what I want to do but unfortunatly my blacklist module does not work correctly. when you put a number or remove a number in the blacklist with the "Feature code" it works but this number can make and receive calls even though this number is in the blacklist.
  14. Caller ID blocking

    Hi, Can I create an incoming route for a specific extension and then set the destination to "hangup". Is it possible ? Thanks
  15. Privacy manager

    Hi, Juste one thing. How do you do that "2) Someone calls, hiding his (m/f) number -> Privacy Manager drops in asking for his (m/f) number" I used "CID Num alias" it doesn't work. What should I do to hide my identity ?