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  1. Cisco 7970 and endpoint configuration

    Hi All, I was wondering if there are any updates that can be applied to the endpoint manager on elastix to detect and configure the cisco 7970 handset? if not can anyone reccommend a good firmware version & SEP.xml config combination? running elastix 1.5.2 thanks in advance
  2. Monitoring problems

    Hi Bob, after looking into this further, it appears to be happening on the extension due to custom contexts, these extensions being monitored also have custom context setup, no other extensions are being monitored. so I have setup a test extension to monitor, this extension is not using...
  3. Monitoring problems

    Hi Bob, Elastix Version -- 1.5.2 Stable (32 bits) How you installed (what ISO)--downloaded the Elastix Distro 1.5.2 Stable (32 bits).iso standard install. Have you done any YUM Updates -- not any yum updates but have done the updates in the free pbx Module Admin section. What version...
  4. Monitoring problems

    Sorry Please see attachment
  5. tone when transfering a call

    Is it possible to have the system play a tone when transfering a call to another party to notify them they are connected?
  6. Monitoring problems

    HI,Please Help! I am having problems with monitoring, Ihave setup 4 extentions to monitor always inbound and outbound calls. all has been working fine for about 1 month no changes have been made, however now when viewing the monitoring section, the date range is selected and filter is applied...
  7. Local SIP extensions registration issue

    HI, I was wondering if anyone has an answer to this problem I am having. my local SIP entensions fail to register when the internet is down, or if the SIP trunks fail to register. If I disable external SIP trunks the problems go away. this is a problem because if the internet connection or the...
  8. Sip extensions to use specific trunks

    thanks for that, got it up and running, all seems to be working well.
  9. Sip extensions to use specific trunks

    hi all, I was hoping someone could shine some light on this subject. I am trying to setup specific SIP extensions to use specific trunks to ensure the correct CLID is is used. For example 1 asterisk server running multiple businesses or departments, requiring each to have thier own CLID on...