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  1. X100P problems

    yes i am, in case if u haven't tried these. echocancel=yes echocancelwhenbridged=yes echotraining=yes in elastix, make sure the lines are connected directly to the fxo, please check the with the lifeline to see if there are any echo's at source. dinesh.
  2. This document is a MUST READ for zaptel users

    hi, i think there is some dns issues that's why you cannot access the server. voxzone.
  3. Robotic Speech problem (distortion) and Busy Lines

    Just would like to let your guys know that the voxzone x100p cards are based on the same chips as the TDM400P, only cheaper, which is TJ-320, which are purpose built for fxo devices. The TDM400P is a lot more expensive than a single port fxo. If you just need a single port then x100p are worth...
  4. X100P problems

    thanks gamba47 for buying the voxzone x100p cards. The Voxzone cards as well as others in the market which is based on 62802-51 and TJ-320 doesn't have any irq settings on the boards. So the irq settings is purely assigned by the motherboard.