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  1. Outgoing campaign not work after some time /

    Hi! I have installed elastix call center module for 5 agents, for testing i am using 1 agent. i have uploaded leads in csv format. and everything once run successfully. issue : 1)sometimes is works and sometimes it don't, so i need to restart and rebuild campaign to make it work...
  2. Incoming timed out in 3 rings!

    Hi! Members I have configured Incoming DID, in my elastix server that is on a Live IP Installed codec from G729 & g723. and set Ringout time to 35Seconds. But when I tried to configure in Linksys PAP2T or Eyebeam it rings only for 3sec and go to voicemail. I...
  3. how to conf trunk using asVOIP SP

    Your problem is sip account is not getting registered, you can try below solutions, dont forget to try pinging your sip provider ip address from your server. create a new trunk use this settings overvoip ip address. type=friend username=XXXXXXXXX (account id/name)...
  4. Elastix stops responding after nearly 1 hour...!

    Hi Community! I have installed Elastix as a production on 30seats. Configuration Intel celeron 2.8, RAM 1.256GB I have shared its internet connection from static public ip on local ip with snat. I also checked processes with top command but everything is normal. After nearly 1 hour...
  5. Asterisk consuming all memory!!! pbx goes dead !

    Hi! I have installed Elastix on P4 with HT Technology, 1gb ram. 3.0 Ghz processor. i configured it and it was working well. But after 15mins Asterisk consumes most of the memory, cup usage 100% swap5%.. and it hangs . when i stop asterisk service it goes back to normal. coud u...
  6. Problem In calling Outbound Trunk from , Other ISP

    Working Volia!!!! Its working now ........Thank a lot!
  7. Problem In calling Outbound Trunk from , Other ISP

    Hello Guys! Hi I m having problem from making calls. I have installed Elastix and server is on Public IP. The trunk is registered i can make calls to USA from my office But wen i register my extension on that ip from outside i cannot make calls. But I can call it on my...
  8. Guys Help me configuring me a SIP inbound number?

    Hey PATRICK and DAVD... i contacted the DID provider ...they constantly changed the CLI so it was having issue..problem is solved. Thanks heartly!
  9. Guys Help me configuring me a SIP inbound number?

    I created first sip trunk, and then i went in inbound routes and selected extensions tab to my 2001 extension. with sip show registery both trunks were registered, but in sip trunk for did number it showed me this is not used by any route... can i post screen shots? Thanks!
  10. Guys Help me configuring me a SIP inbound number?

    Hi ! DevD I have gone through the whole of manual also freepbx2.5 guide... but no luck. I can see trunk registered but when i dial the DID from cell it gives me extension not avaliable. Can u explain me step by step. Regards, VoipBuddy!
  11. Problem with GNOME Desktop Installation

    Thanks Dicko its worked well!
  12. Problem with GNOME Desktop Installation

    Hi Guys i was able to install X windows but while installing Gnome it gives me below error> [root@elastix ~]# yum install "GNOME Desktop Environment" Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: * centosplus: * addons...
  13. Guys Help me configuring me a SIP inbound number?

    Hi Friends! I am a beginners to Elastix i have configured elastix for outbound and its working perfectly. Now i want to configure a DID,it has a sip settings and i want to use it in elastix and map it to my extensions. DID format 1234567890(number as eg) ID- 0123423 pin-1234...