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  1. Fax module direct printing

    Hi Yogsi, For me there is no problem, faxs are list in FAX Viewer as pdf files. Did you get the module working, receiving faxes and printing them ? My machine is Elastix 2.2 with the module and all working fine .
  2. Fax module direct printing

    The zip file with all the files.
  3. Fax module direct printing

    Hi Yogsi, It seems that when i made my zip file i forgot 2 files the firt was in the first reply and the second was not. The file i forgot is paloSantoFax.class.php in /var/www/html/libs. This is why you have all this error and a blank page when you save. i join the file to this post...
  4. Fax module direct printing

    Hoops, You need to replace the faxrcvd-elastix.php from the file attach in /var/spool/hylafax/bin Sorry
  5. Fax module direct printing

    Hello, I've made some patch to include direct printing of faxs capability to the fax module. First you need to install cups to your server. ( yum install cups ) And define a printer via the cups web interface http://yourserver:631 Name you printer ex myprinter From the file attach replace...
  6. Getting "All Circuts are Busy" message

    Hello, Same problem here, have you got it to work ?
  7. Elastix 1.5 beta 3 Dahdi TE122

    Hello For those who a try to get Digium TE122 to work with Dahdi and Elastix 1.5. Here is an issue with . The card isnt detect in Elastix 1.5 beta 3 and when you test with dahdi_hardware you get this message. 31 channels in a T1 span at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Dahdi/
  8. DID routing with Hylafax

    Hello I try to make DID routing with Hylafax and not DEVICE routing but with no luck. By default Elastix does DEVICE routing not DID on iaxmodem ( ex 6222 -> ttyIAX1) and the routing is base on ttyIAX1 and not 6222 . To make Hylafax DID routing whe have to edit...
  9. Elastix 1.3-2 - asterisk failed to start

    Hello Did you go to unembedded freepbx to see if there is a problem or an upgrade with modules ? if there is one update all the module . For me that's solve the problem . Have you got hardware like ISDN or PRI in your server ? I you have one . Go to SYSTEM -> detect hardware (...
  10. Aastra xml scripts

    Hello With the latest firmware from Aastra 2.3 ( July 2008 ),there is a new function The HTTPS client on the IP Phones now support the validation of HTTPS certificates. Note: Certificates that are signed by providers other than Verisign, GeoTrust or Thwate do not verify on the phone by...
  11. Direct call forward to Voicemail

    Hello Thank's Bob i want to do this at the phone level . I've try the DND before but when the phone have a follow me set . the call go to the follow me not to the voicemail . idem when the phone have a ring group or BLF the call goto ring group or BLF. regards
  12. Direct call forward to Voicemail

    Hello I've search to do a direct call forward to voicemail and did not get something to work. What i want to do is : When i'm out of office for a long time , i want to compose a code ex: *47 on my phone this code transfer all incoming call to my voicemail directly , not after...
  13. Upgrade 1.1.8 via rpm

    Bon en fait j'ai trouvé si cela peut aider 1- récupération de l'iso de la 1.1.8 2- extraction de l'iso du repertoire elastix contenant tous les rpm ( avec ultraiso ou un autre programme ) 3- copie des fichiers de l'iso vers /var/tmp par exemple 4- création de repo local sur le...
  14. Upgrade 1.1.8 via rpm

    Bonjour Mon serveur (1.1.7) n'ayant pas accès à internet , l'upgrade via un rpm est-il possible ? Si oui ou downloader ce rpm 1.1.8 ou faut il l'extraire de l'iso ? Merci pour votre aide
  15. Maintenance et installation en France

    Ok Merci pour ta reponse rapide