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  1. changelog

    yeah thx, this one was available as a link before the site-redesign. Unfortunately, without updates it isn't of much use :(
  2. changelog

    as great as the software is (and elastix is great, no doubt), there really should be a changelog. Hard to believe that no such thing exists. This is a must...especially for software with such high complexity.
  3. changelog

    Hi, i wasn't able to find a changelog anywhere on the site. Where can i get/have a look into one? Or is there no such thing? For example i would like to see the changes of the current update (differences between 1.6.2-1 and 1.6.2-2).
  4. Reset Hylafax/IAX

    hi, is there a way to reset hylafax to the state it is in when you just installed elastix? my iaxmodems/hylafax seem to be completely screwed up and the elastix gui isn't enough here.
  5. Queue -> no "n" Option in elastix

    Re:Queue -> no "n" Option in elastix ok, thx for the hint. i'll ask the freepbx guys...
  6. Queue -> no "n" Option in elastix

    Unfortunately (why??) elastix doesn´t give you the possibility to set the n-Option (no retries on timeout) on Queues (Queues-Section under Inbound Call Control). As this option is a must for me, i've edited the corresponding entry in "extensions_additional.conf" like "exten =>...