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    Sending Fax From Gmail

    Hello, Can anyone guide me how to setup email2fax client on hylafax server ... step by step procedure. regds wasi
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    Activate Follow Me to redirect call to Cell Phone

    Hello karma, i had done setting as per your suggestion but it does not work ..calls cannot divert on cellphone from the given extension or DID.also tell me what should we configure on last option in Destination if no answer: Terminate Call: Extensions: Voicemail: IVR: Phonebook...
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    email notification of new voicemail

    guys, i had done configuation of fax in elastix 2.0.0 but email does not routes individual extension mail id voice mail to individual .pls suggest solution. regds wasi
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    Elastix 2.0 and Extension IAX2 => can´t register

    after making chnages still it does not work .. following error message ERRORS Settings in /etc/asterisk/iax_general_custom.conf may override these. Those settings should be removed. pls advise further soln.. regds Wasi