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  1. Login takes me to the FreePBX GUI

    If I go to the Freepbx CLI and type: core show version FreePBX is now Asterisk 11.15.0 built by palosanto @ on a x86_64 running Linux on 2015-01-19 22:36:24 UTC When I log onto the computer I used to go straight to the Elastix GUI, now I am taken to the...
  2. Login takes me to the FreePBX GUI

    Anybody have any idea how I can fix this?
  3. Login takes me to the FreePBX GUI

    I did a yum update on Elastix which completed without error. When I now attempt to login to Elastix, I am now taken directly to the FreePBX GUI rather than being taken to the Elastix GUI. Can anyone tell me how to correct this so that I can log into Elastix again. Thanks Stuart
  4. Can not find Security Module in Menu

    The Security module has disappeared (it did show at one time) from Elastix and does not appear in the Elastixneo theme V dropdown menu that only contains links to 1) Reports, 2) Extras, 3) Addons, 4) Voip Providor and 5) My Extension. Below is the site information which shows the Security...
  5. dahdi-channels.conf not created

    I have installed Elastix 2 and have a TDM2400P card with 2 FXO modules installed. When we install the dahdi-channels.conf file is not created. I need to change the from-pstn to from-zaptel to be able to receive incoming calls but can not do this without having a dahdi-channels.conf file. If...
  6. Can't Access the GUI After Update

    Yes, I am sure that you are correct. Are we able to uninstall this freepbx, and if so how?
  7. Incoming Trunk file

    I currently have Elastix set through the Inbound Trunk to redirect incoming calls to an off site number. I need to change this to redirect to a ring group. What is the physical physical loaction and the name of the file I need to edit to achive this. My PBX GUI is not available since...
  8. Can't Access the GUI After Update

    I have the same problem since doing a yum update. What do I need to do to correct the problem? It is only preventing access to the PBX tab.
  9. Companding ???

    In the main office we have a Digium TDM2400P card with hardware echo cancellation, this is the machine having problems. In a second office we have a Digium TDM800P card with no hardware echo cancellation, this machine has no problems to date. We had purchased g729 licences for both boxes...
  10. Companding ???

    Each morning callers ring, they can hear us but we cannot hear them. When we go to the Elastix box one of the following messages are running accorss the screen continuously; 1) Unable to set SW Companding on channel 0 (reason 4), or 2) Unable to disable SW Companding on echo cancellation...
  11. Location of rtp.conf to change?

    Smoothwall Community Version /var/smoothwall/sipproxy/siproxd.conf rtp high and low ports set here Smoothwall Advanced /modules/sip/usr/bin/smoothwall/ Any changes made in this file will update the siproxy and retain the changes
  12. Location of rtp.conf to change?

    I use both SmoothWall Advanced and SmoothWall community, the sip proxy configuration is in a different location for each. Do you use SmoothWall Advanced or SmoothWall Community version, let me know and I will get the files and their locations tonight.
  13. Location of rtp.conf to change?

    I am changing the RTP ports on Elastix so that I can use the SIP Proxy in SmoothWall Gateway/Firewall which seems to monitor rtp 7070:7120 and notice that there are two rtp.conf files available; /etc/asterisk/rtp.conf /etc/asterisk.elastix/rtp.conf Which of the above files should I edit...
  14. Update to 1.5.2-2.3 and Openfire Disappeared

    After a second shutdown the IM Tab was populated and Openfire has reappeared.
  15. Update to 1.5.2-2.3 and Openfire Disappeared

    I updated Elastix 1.5.2-2 to 1.5.2-2.3 and all seems to OK except when I go to the IM Tab. There is an Openfire button in the top left hand corner of the screen but the frame where openfire would normally appear is white and blank. If this is not intentional, how do I recover Operfire?