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  1. incoming screen pops don't work with ring groups

    Unfortunately not. Since then the customer has decided to abandon vtiger in favor of Outlook Business contact manager.
  2. incoming screen pops don't work with ring groups

    I have vtigercrm 5.2.1 installed and working fine with Elastix-2.0.3-i386-bin-15Nov2010. Click to dial works, and so do incoming screen pops, but only when the incoming call is from another local extension. Screen pops for incoming calls from a Zap trunk direct to an extension do not work...
  3. Cannot install via setup-sangoma on 2.0.3 [SOLVED]

    Fix for Sangoma A400 bundled w/ELX025 Solved a similar issue with Sangoma A400 card undetected after default install of Elastix 2.x Environment: ELX025 appliance Sangoma A400 card Elastix-2.0.3-i386-bin-15Nov2010 (fresh install) Steps: service dahdi stop setup-sangoma vi...
  4. elastix reset factory

    I'd like to know how to get back to the factory defaults without having to do a reinstall as well. Especially on the ELX appliances.
  5. New Music on Hold

    If you're running 64-bit kernel & having dependency problems installing the RPM above you might want to give this one a shot. ... x86_64.rpm