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  1. Help with Cyrus IMAP and TLS

    I have TLS/SSL successfully setup in postfix on the elastix server with a SSL certificate from RapidSSL. Works perfect, so now im trying to get it setup and activated so users can connect over IMAPS TLS/SSL and have a more secure connection. I created the pem file but can not seem to get it to...
  2. Create SSL CSR for 3rd Party SSL Certificate.

    can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. Create SSL CSR for 3rd Party SSL Certificate.

    I have searched around and can not seem to find the exact steps I need to run to be able to generate a csr and install a 3rd part certificate. I am setting up a new elastix system and need to put a trusted SSL certificate on the system so they can securely connect their smart phones to the box...
  4. Other (Custom) Device extension reports busy

    Well I do not know what is going on because now it is working and not going instantly busy. I am baffled at how it is being selective on when it wants to make it busy and when it does not. If you still want a full log am I just doing asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv or is there another command.
  5. Other (Custom) Device extension reports busy

    Ok Bob so is it possible that something changed in the settings to cause this to happen? There were no issues at all with the custom extensions before the upgrade and I guess switch from 2.3.0 to 2.4.0
  6. Other (Custom) Device extension reports busy

    I just noticed that 2 of my elastix systems are running 2.4.0 and I know I did not install that version especially on one system that has been running for almost a year. Does updating by yum upgrade the systems to new elastix builds? I thought it stayed within its build versions like 2.2.0 and...
  7. Other (Custom) Device extension reports busy

    Does anyone have any ideas????
  8. Other (Custom) Device extension reports busy

    This one has me slightly confused. I have several custom extensions that basically call cell phone numbers... e.g. ext 1514 uses dial command Local/5555551234@outbound-allroutes Here past few days one of these extensions is always reporting busy. I have tried to delete and re-create the...
  9. elastix 3.0.0 alpha, elastix 2.4.0 beta, melastix

    So I downloaded Elastix 3.0 just to see the kind of stuff being done and its looking good. Thought I would play with it some, but it seems you have to create a user to create an extension. Everytime I try to create a user it tells me "User couldn't be created. Username is not valid." For...
  10. Exchange 2010 UM Issue

    How did you get Elastix to forward to Exchange 2010 UM. I have it setup and communicating perfectly except I have yet to be able to get it to actually send it to the right voicemail box. Right now if the extension doesnt answer or what not it just goes to the Exchange Auto Attendant asking to...
  11. No audio if you set announcement back to "None"

    I have Elastix 2.0 installed using the x64 version. 2 ring groups with 3 DIDs and both ring groups have an announcement set to play before connecting the caller. We use the day/night mode day mode uses 1 ring group and night mode is the other. I went into remove the announcements from both...
  12. Paging / Intercom not working right Aastra 6755i

    And i did switch the kernels to the non-xen one and it apperantly is still having the same problem. I watched it closely this time on reboot and it is showing this or something like this (i couldnt remember all of it)... Loading DAHDI Hardware Modules FATAL: Module DAHDI not found ERROR...
  13. Paging / Intercom not working right Aastra 6755i

    well i can always rebuild and reload elastix 2.0 with the latest build and see what happens. ive googled around and tried to find how to rebuild DAHDI on elastix but most what i have found when i try to remove DAHDI is wants to remove other elastix components so i dont do it.
  14. Paging / Intercom not working right Aastra 6755i

    This is all it does... To access your Elastix System, using a separate workstation (PC/MAC/Linux) Open the Internet Browser using the following URL: [root@voip ~]# lsmod | grep "dahdi" [root@voip ~]# [root@voip ~]#
  15. Paging / Intercom not working right Aastra 6755i

    ok i tried running lsmod | grep "dahdi" and nothing happens. it doesnt give me an error or nothing. i even tried lsmod grep dahdi lsmod | grep dahdi and still nothing happens.