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  1. IVR problem. Its says goodbye

    Have you tried to create a recording using the phone.Try to make a demo recording using the phone and see if you can hear the recorded message
  2. Winprint error message problem

    Hi There will be two files created, one is the number.txt and name.txt If any of these files are missing this pop up will come. To avoid that you have to save any fax number. This will automatically create the files in the necessary format
  3. Winprint error message problem

    Hi When you get this error message, click on should get the fax window. Type in the number you wish to fax to and use the save option. After saving, please check if this error pops up
  4. Winprint error message problem

    Try giving full rights to the folder if it is under a folder. It is always advisable to create a folder and point to the folder during the configuration
  5. How do I get a second call

    There is an option to enable Callwaiting. Dial *70 from the phone to activate callwaiting and you should start receiving the second call
  6. Elastix Web GUI access restriction

    In the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file, Search for # Controls who can get stuff from this server. # Order allow,deny Allow from all and change it to Allow from <IP address that needs access>
  7. Grandstream SIP phones and PTSN

    Yes, you will have to setup the account giving the username and password as per the extension you created in the Elastix Server, you will need to create SIP extensions in the server to do the same. The SIP proxy on the grandstream device should be given as the Elastix Server IP. This link...
  8. Grandstream SIP phones and PTSN

    I hope you have configured the Phones to communicate with the Elastix Server, that is why I asked if your able to call between the phones dialing there extensions
  9. Zap vs DAHDI Trunk

    You can copy the contents from /etc/zaptel.conf to /etc/dahdi/system.conf /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf to /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf
  10. Grandstream SIP phones and PTSN

    Hi So you mean to say that, these phones can communicate with each other using Elastix server. If this is true, you will just need to create a trunk to the PSTN as mentioned in the Elastix without Tears and create a route which will be used by these phones to make calls out through the PSTN
  11. netconfig or setup doe's not work on elastix 1.5.2

    You can use neat-tui to configure the network
  12. Calls disconecting (drop)

    It will be in the zapata.conf
  13. Automatic Install g.729 & g,723.1 codecs

    You can add the allow=g729 in sip_general_custom.conf
  14. Endpoint Manager

    As mentioned by Megabyte, it is a broadcast that is being send. The phones have to be in the same network to be detected by Endpoint manager. There is another post somewhere in the Elastix forum which gives a complete explanation on how the Endpoint manager works in Elastix
  15. Polycom IP330 voicemail button

    Always a pleasure to help. The image is not there, please can you tell me if Call Diversion is enabled for Specific Caller, Forward All and On Busy